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    Navigating complexity in
    capital markets

The pace of change in global capital markets is gaining considerable momentum as regulators and market infrastructure providers seek to facilitate international investors’ access. This initiative takes stock of the changes and how new technologies and industry collaboration are also streamlining investors’ entry into these exciting markets


Fast-forwarding capital markets Fast-forwarding capital markets

In today’s business environment, investment firms need to be able to make quicker decisions, remove latency and eliminate manual tasks. flow’s Janet Du Chenne reports on how BNY Mellon’s technological transformation has enabled it to help clients achieve this


Re-imagining network management Re-imagining network management

Transformation in securities services is nothing new, yet Covid-19 has brought unprecedented challenges and change for network managers at global custodians, broker-dealers and financial market infrastructures. This report canvasses network managers to understand how they have adapted to date, and how their roles could be further transformed in the future


Capital markets transformation in Asia Capital markets transformation in Asia

Three separate Deutsche Bank Securities Services-hosted webinars across May and June looked at how the necessary adaptation to Covid-19, and new regulation are changing the securities services landscapes across three key Asian markets of Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore. flow reports on the key takeaways