• Digitalisation

Digitalisation is a process that was already underway before the 2020s as emerging technologies from blockchain to robotic process automation to artificial intelligence offered new tools for greater speed, efficiency and transparency. More recently, the need for remote working and using home as the new office has accelerated that trend


Trade and the blockchain - where are we now? Trade and the blockchain - where are we now?

What common thread links shipments of dairy products to China, wheat from the United States (US) to Indonesia and sugar cane from Asia to Africa? They were all supported by trade finance completed via blockchain. flow’s Clarissa Dann provides an update on this technology’s journey towards mainstream adoption


DLT and digital asset‘s path to smart custody DLT and digital asset‘s path to smart custody

In the face of declining fee levels and increasing regulatory and market requirements for asset protection and market stability, the securities post-trade industry seeks a sustainable future. Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) may provide part of the answer by realigning the roles of its participants


Road to trade finance digitalisation Road to trade finance digitalisation

Why is it taking so long to digitalise trade finance? While the rubber stamp underpins all documentary credits, and while courts will only accept paper in trade finance disputes, it’s hard to move forward. But if enough countries agree on the next steps, progress should be possible, says Deutsche Bank’s Daniel Schmand


DigitalUnplugged – digital trends demystified DigitalUnplugged – digital trends demystified

New digital trends promise to transform the way industries work, communicate and collaborate. This is especially true in financial services where emerging technology is simultaneously driving change in business models and client needs. But how do some of these innovations actually work and how can they create opportunities? Our DigitalUnplugged series sheds some light


Driving data quality Driving data quality

orporate clients are demanding insights & predictive analytics built on high quality data from their bank and there is good reason for this, as many have a global footprint, complex flows and a large product suite. flow’s Clarissa Dann and Deutsche Bank’s Cian Murchu share the Deutsche Bank journey


Blockchain and corporates: unleashing potential Blockchain and corporates: unleashing potential

Distributed ledger technology has moved from a concept to providing real benefits to industries ranging from insurance to diamonds, which were explored in a recent Deutsche Bank webinar


Technology versus virus Technology versus virus

With the coronavirus pandemic precipitating mandatory lockdowns, economies, governments and societies have pivoted towards technology to continue to function. Some technologies have changed lives dramatically and will have a lasting impact beyond Covid-19, but not for everybody. flow’s Janet Du Chenne examines the infrastructure gap and how current technology trends could be managed to support a sustainable and inclusive recovery


Regulation driving banking transformation, 2nd edition Regulation driving banking transformation, 2nd edition

A regulatory environment that supports the safe and robust development of the data economy, the emergence of FinTech and BigTech firms and the growth of the crypto-assets market is essential for banking transformation, says new white paper


Tomorrow‘s technlogy today Tomorrow‘s technology today

As organisations grow, so do their layers of legacy systems. In a world of instant payments and real-time treasury management, how can banks keep up? Clarissa Dann takes a closer look at how Deutsche Bank Corporate Bank is tackling migration to a more efficient architecture


    Are you putting your data to work? Are you putting your data to work?

    Regulatory change has brought with it a heightened focus on cash liquidity within the financial services industry. Treasurers need visibility into their company’s cash positions globally to optimise their available liquidity, reduce funding costs and maximise return on cash


    Regulation in the digital space – a flow video update Regulation in the digital space – a flow video update

    Artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud computing – they all promise to bring better client experience and better performance. Regulations play a key role here between addressing risk and allowing innovation. Deutsche Bank's flow magazine hosted an expert talk on regulation in the digital space now and in the future


    Heart of the enterprise Heart of the enterprise

    Business software provider SAP leads a consistent programme of innovation, the latest being its digital boardroom. Head of Global Treasury Steffen Diel demonstrates why leaving one’s comfort zone and being permanently curious can work miracles


    Getting to grips with stablecoins Getting to grips with stablecoins

    Facebook’s plans to issue its own cryptocurrency, Libra, has triggered questions on its potential impact on traditional payment systems, monetary policies and, more broadly, financial stability. This has raised a range of concerns among regulators, who have teamed up in an effort to address potential risks stablecoins might pose, while also defining their future destiny. Deutsche Bank regulatory expert Polina Evstifeeva investigates


    Filling the data lake Filling the data lake

    As real-time cash management shapes the consumer experience and negative interest rates attack passive deposits, corporate treasurers are employing API-enabled analytics in determining what cash needs to move where and to optimise their FX positions, reports Elizabeth Pfeuti