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Tomorrow‘s treasury mobile app

Our mobile app will show you how the future responsibilities of corporate treasurers will be affected by:

  • The shift towards real-time treasury: Momentum towards real-time is seemingly unstoppable, driven by faster information flows and evolved expectations, as well as the paradigm shift of instant payments. But, how will real-time payments integrate with ongoing treasury automation efforts? What are the next steps with respect to real-time FX capabilities, real-time liquidity management and real-time risk management?
  • Leveraging digital partnerships: Fintechs and new technologies are increasingly shaping – in some cases dramatically – processes of corporate finance functions. What opportunities are there for collaboration and new business models?
  • The need to tackle cyber-security: Ensuring secure and up-to-date data is at the heart of issues such as KYC, AML and fraud prevention. So how should corporate treasuries approach trust, identity and data security?

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