• Managing FX and interest rate risk in uncertain times

February 2019

On 27th February 2019, Deutsche Bank’s Head of GTB FX, Johnny Grimes spoke on an Economist webinar on ‘Managing FX and interest rate risk in uncertain times’ that was hosted in the EuroFinance Corporate Treasury Network and attended by 90 treasurers from multinational corporates

To hear the full recording of the webinar, please click on the link below:

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Webinar: Managing FX and interest rate risk in uncertain times

To skip ahead to particular sections of interest, please use the following time marks:

  • 5s: The moderator Sebastian di Paola, Partner at PwC, provides an introduction.

  • 04m 30s: Johnny Grimes, Global Head of GTB FX at Deutsche Bank talks to geopolitical trends and risks and how these will impact on managing FX and interest rate risks

  • 15m: Fred Schacknies, VP & Treasurer, Hilton and Board Member at AFP runs through Hilton’s treasury set up and focus on FX

  • 18m 20s: Chris Donohoe, Assistant Treasurer, Ingersoll Rand provides an overview of the business and treasury set-up

  • 26m 25s: Group discussion on preparing for ‘Market Shocks’, e.g. Brexit

  • 33m 45s: Sebastian di Paola: ‘Would you agree that the complexity is not so much in the hedging instrument, the complexity is in the underlying economic exposure?”

  • 37m 45: Discussion around cash flow hedging

  • 40m 10s: Balance sheet hedging and associated challenges, such as transaction vs translation exposures
  • Final section: audience polls