• Broker dealers

The broker dealer community has a very specific set of requirements. Like banks, they are under pressure to maintain operational efficiency while also meeting the demands of their clients. Their business is ever more complex as business becomes increasingly cross-border


We recognise that the broker dealer segment needs efficient fund-transfer mechanisms and liquidity management facilities.

Prudential liquidity and capital regulatory changes
Regulations like Dodd-Frank, Basel III and the Capital Requirements Directive (CRDIV) place pressure on banks around issues such as the quality and level of capital required, risk coverage, leverage, global liquidity standards and supervisory monitoring.

Market and trading regulations
Market and trading regulations and the drive for a central clearing regime for OTC Derivatives all present challenges for the industry. For example, the latter calls for increased margin and collateral requirements, higher risk weightings, stricter reporting requirements.

Funding and investment options
The increased capital and liquidity requirements and the decrease in funding sources, along with regulatory pressure, prevent some institutions  from conducting certain investment activities.


As one of the largest clearing banks in the world, with expertise in US dollars, Euros and other currencies, we can handle payments to and on behalf of your clients to any financial institution in the world. Our global offering extends across cash management, trade finance, custody, trust and agency services, liquidity management, securities lending, and collateral management. We have the range of customisable solutions that clients need to operate across the full range of currencies, markets and regions, supported by our market-leading FX4Cash and cutting edge technology and infrastructure.

Your success is our success. By offering value-added services across payment processing, currencies and risk mitigation, we allow you to make operational efficiency gains and leverage growth potential.

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