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We offer specialist expertise and tailored services for our corporate clients. Whether you are considering your strategic alternatives, looking to raise capital or require liability and risk management advice, our corporate finance team has the experience and expertise to assist. Our award-winning transaction bank will help you strengthen your treasury and supply chain operations, optimise cash management, support your issuance programmes and achieve compliance as seamlessly as possible


To flourish, businesses require the flawless execution of their strategy and the rapid and unimpeded flow of goods, services, capital, ideas and information. Restricting any of these key components can hinder performance.

However, modern international businesses face a broad and complex range of issues and challenges. Running a global operation requires thinking across borders, often venturing into the unknown in terms of local market knowledge, regulatory environments, real-time currency information and many other crucial factors.


With a global overview and on-the-ground presence in all regions, we have established a track record of success in assisting our corporate clients to meet and overcome these challenges, and believe we are uniquely placed to help you succeed in new or far-flung markets as well as at home.

When it comes to advisory, issuance, risk management, facilitating trade and providing access to the opportunities of globalisation, our teams of global and product experts are ready to help.

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Bulk payments Bulk payments

Corporates need a payments partner that can meet the challenges of a rapidly globalising international payments system

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Cheques Cheques

We provide a complete range of efficient and secure services for payment transfers "on paper"

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Corporate Trust Corporate trust

We offer a very broad range of services for diverse products, from complex
securitisation and project finance to syndicated loans, debt exchanges and restructuring

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Cross currency transactions Cross currency transactions

FX4Cash™ leverages our expertise as a leading cash management provider. Its renowned capabilities as a global FX trading powerhouse offer a broad range of solutions for cross border payments targeted to financial institutions, non bank and corporate clients

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Liquidity management services Liquidity management services

A simple product to make liquidity management more efficient and transparent

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Trade finance Trade finance

Moving goods and services across borders and within supply chains is highly complex and exposes counterparties to a wide range of risks – most particularly non-payment. Trade finance delivers fast, efficient, reliable and comprehensive solutions for every stage of a client's trade value chain to support their foreign and domestic trade activities

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