• Integration and messaging products

The Integration and messaging products facilitate the end to end integration from your IT systems to our platform. We provide a wide range of solutions to streamline and automate your treasury processes, from generating and sending payment instructions all the way through to automated reconciliation

Streamlining solutions for greater reliability

The increasing importance of security, shifts in technology trends and ongoing efficiency drives have meant that clients are looking for products and services which support the optimisation and streamlining of their treasury processes. 

Our integration and messaging products are flexible, and designed to support and enable the standardisation, automation and centralisation of clients´ Treasury workflows.

We support several bank communication options in accordance with varying client needs. And to process global transaction banking services via the bank communication we offer a wide range of standardised industry formats, for example ISO 20022 XML messages. 

Through our ‘partner client integration’ solutions, global transaction business can be seamlessly integrated, from client IT-environments to our systems, reducing operational risks, increasing automation and streamlining processes.

Additionally, we provide a variety of messaging products, including ‘Message Based Electronic Bank Account Management` which can further complement and facilitate treasury business.

Client centricity is a core value for us. We continually engage with our clients, as well as the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)  and Treasury Management (TM) system providers to understand the market and ensure that our solutions are compatible with their needs.

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With 3SKey, clients can overcome the hassle of using a variety of tokens for different channels and banks. We support the use of the 3SKey digital signature token on all major transaction banking platforms

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We offer a wide range of bank communication solutions to automate and optimise secure file transfers

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The usage of global file formats in line with industry standards (ISO 20022) is a key aspect for corporate clients to realise cost efficiencies and a seamless integration with their banks

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To support clients´ needs in electronic bank account management, we offer ISO 20022 acmt messages which are defined by SWIFT

Show content of MT798 SWIFT solution for trade finance business

Our MT798 SWIFT offering for trade finance business allows clients to standardise and automate their trade finance processes

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As part of our “partner client integration program”, we cooperate and integrate with leading treasury management - and ERP system providers

September 2020

Guide to ISO 20022 migration: Part 3 Guide to ISO 20022 migration: Part 3

In 2019, recognising the magnitude of the transformational initiative underway in the payments world, we launched a series of guides to ISO 20022 migration. These were designed to help the industry navigate and understand the evolving journey towards a single global payments standard. The Deutsche Bank team now presents Part 3 of this journey in advance of Sibos 2020

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September 2019

Guide to ISO 20022 migration, Part 2 Guide to ISO 20022 migration, Part 2

As the migration to ISO 20022 – the new global standard for payments messaging – progresses the benefits are clear: uplifted customer experience, more streamlined compliance procedures, and the ability to deliver new services. Yet with rapid change comes the challenge of keeping abreast of the latest developments and understanding the key points for consideration

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May 2019

Ultimate guide to ISO 20022 migration Ultimate guide to ISO 20022 migration

The decision by major central banks and SWIFT to migrate to ISO 20022 is a watershed moment for the payments industry

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