• What you need to know


Ransomware are malware programs used by hackers to block access or use of the data and the entire computer system. The aim is to encrypt the data and then extort money for unlocking the data


Crypto Trojans

Crypto Trojans encrypt files, thus making them unreadable for the user. In exchange for a ransom, the user is offered the prospect that the files will be decrypted so that they can be accessed again. A well-known example of such encryption Trojans is Locky.

Lock screen Trojan

Lock screen Trojans do not affect the files themselves. Instead, they restrict the user’s input options, preventing any further use of the computer. Usually a lock screen prevents the system from functioning properly.

  • Check that websites and emails originate from a reliable sender.
  • Back up all your important data regularly.
  • Update your systems and programs on a regular basis.
  • Disconnect your device from Wi-Fi networks when you don’t need the connection.
  • Always charge your device using your own accessories.