• What you need to know

    Security @ Deutsche Bank

Protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of customer and bank details is a key priority at Deutsche Bank. Find out here what we are doing to combat cyber crime

Comprehensive information and security system

  • Deutsche Bank’s security policies and standards are codified and updated on a regular basis
  • Deutsche Bank’s information technology (“IT”) vendors must comply with those policies and standards
  • IT vendors are also subject to Deutsche Bank´s risk assessments, and periodic vendor control assessments while they provide services

Well-established information network

  • Close collaboration between Deutsche Bank security experts and external security firms, research groups and other companies
  • Regular participation by Deutsche Bank security experts in security training and conferences

Regular controls

  • Internal and external systems and electronic devices are regularly scanned to identify any vulnerabilities
  • “Red team” exercises are carried out to regularly check IT systems and compliance with security guidelines and standards
  • Constant monitoring of critical IT systems at Deutsche Bank

Employee awareness

  • Regular security information training for employees worldwide
  • Increasing risk awareness through other channels, e.g. videos and an internal information security website providing new information every month
  • Cyber Security Hotline - available 24/7 and from anywhere. A global cyber security response process ensures that action can be taken at any time in response to potential security incidents