• Are you putting your data to work?

November 2018

Regulatory change has brought with it a heightened focus on cash liquidity within the financial services industry. Treasurers need visibility into their company’s cash positions globally to optimise their available liquidity, reduce funding costs and maximise return on cash

Furthermore, financial institutions are having to prove to regulators that they know their available sources of liquidity and have adequate capital reserves in the event of a crisis.

Deutsche Bank’s Securities Services partnered with the bank’s Data Labs to develop a data analytics model on their Enterprise Analytics Platform (EAP) that graphically shows clients’ cash liquidity usage and how this corresponds to Deutsche Bank’s funding provision in the market. As a result, Securities Services is able to provide more detailed liquidity insights at the client level and review its market funding allocations to ensure they are appropriate to cover these needs.

This data transparency enables clients to better understand when in the day their peak liquidity usage occurs, empowering them with the opportunity to modify their cash account funding behaviour and ensure adequate capital is reserved.

The output of this live model highlights areas for potential resizing of treasury funding required in the market to support securities settlement and, subsequently, optimise the usage of cash within the organisation.

If managing intraday liquidity is a complex and critical activity for your treasury functions, learn more about how Deutsche Bank’s Securities Services data analytics capability can help you.