• DigitalUnplugged – Digital trends demystified

New digital trends promise to transform the way industries work, communicate and collaborate. This is especially true in financial services where emerging technology is simultaneously driving change in business models and client needs. But how do some of these innovations actually work and how can they create opportunities? Our DigitalUnplugged series sheds some light

Digital Unplugged Series

Focus on Robotics

The digital workforce is set to become an increasingly central presence in the bank and treasury of tomorrow. Learn more about the potential of robotic process automation.

Focus on Real-Time Treasury

Find out how recent regulation and technology advancements are accelerating progress towards making real-time treasury a reality.

Focus on the Payments Landscape

Mobile payments, APIs and fintechs have significantly disrupted the financial service industry this year. Learn more about how the landscape is changing.

Digital Trends Volume 2

Digital trends as explained by our digital experts. This volume explores Big Data, the Internet of Things and Open Banking.

FinTech 2.0: Banks and FinTechs Unite

FinTechs have helped define the direction, shape, and pace of change across almost every financial services subsector. Discover how banks and FinTechs are collaborating and co-innovating.

Focus on Regulation: Accelerator or Challenger?

How do regulators address risks and drive innovation in financial services? Learn more about evolving regulation and its impact on banking.

Focus on APIs & Push Payments

The payments landscape is undergoing a significant and rapid change. Find out how APIs & Push Payments are disrupting the industry.

Digital Unplugged: Second Album

In the latest interactive Digital Unplugged album learn about disruptive digital trends including big data, IoT, APIs and regulation.

Digital Trends Volume 1

Digital trends as explained by our digital experts. This volume dives into digital technology in Asia, data science and the role of innovation labs.

Focus on the Internet of Things

Find out how connected devices and increasing hyper-connectivity will impact industries and businesses.

Focus on Big Data For Corporates

Learn more about how corporates and banks can leverage Big Data.

Digital Unplugged: First Album

Discover how disruptive digital trends affect the way we do business in this mobile-friendly, interactive Digital Unplugged album including expert interviews.

Focus On Innovation Labs

Find out more about the role of Innovation Labs and how they drive disruption.

Focus On Digital Trends In Asia

Learn more about the drivers behind the explosive growth of ‘digital’ in Asia.

Focus On Data Science

What does ‘Data Science’ really mean? Learn more about Data Science and the important role of Data Scientists.

Focus On Mobile Wallets

Find out more about mobile wallets and the shift towards a paperless, cashless economy.

Digital Trends Demystified

What is SWIFT gpi?

Learn more about the introduction of SWIFT’s global payments innovation (SWIFT gpi) initiative and its impact on treasury.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Learn how RPA solutions allow organisations to do more with less and how they could benefit corporate treasurers.