Fast track your understanding of ISO 20022 and watch our knowledge bites highlighting key aspects of the ISO 20022 migration

DB ISO 20022 Tutorials:
#6 Parties & Agents in the Payment Flow

Learn how to fill out parties and agents in ISO 20022 vs. MT messages and see how their roles change throughout the payment chain.

DB ISO 20022 Tutorials:
#5 Structured vs. Unstructured Addresses

When it comes to ISO 20022, it´s important to know about structured data. Watch this video to learn more about structured & unstructured addresses in ISO 20022.

DB ISO 20022 Tutorials:
#4 MX vs. MT: What Are the Differences?

How is MX different from MT? What new features are being introduced with ISO 20022? What is changing? These are the questions that will be answered in this video.

DB ISO 20022 Tutorials:
#3 How to Find & Read Message Specifications

This video will show you where to find ISO 20022 Usage Guidelines/message specifications on MyStandards and get you familiar with key concepts you want to know.

DB ISO 20022 Tutorials:
#2 Navigating Among Usage Guidelines

Have you ever wondered how ISO 20022 message sets are being differentiated? Have you been struggling to find a path among various ISO 20022 Usage Guidelines? Watch this video to understand the main concepts about message specifications.

DB ISO 20022 Tutorials:
#1 Intro to ISO 20022

This video will give you a brief introduction to ISO 20022 and help you get foundational knowledge and context on the ISO 20022 migration in the high-value payments space.

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