• Digital market entry to expedite Foreign Portfolio Investors' access to India

For foreign asset managers and insurers looking to access India’s vibrant financial markets, the Foreign Portfolio Licence registration process is long and documentation-heavy, with the involvement of multiple parties including the investor, the custodian and third party agents. What if there was a way to make the process simpler and faster?

Deutsche Bank’s AccessIndia, an interactive web-based solution for clients, aims to digitise the Foreign Portfolio Investor (FPI) registration process by introducing automated Digital Market Entry. This portal aims at expediting licensing application process for FPIs to gain quicker access to more than 5000 listed companies.
AccessIndia is a comprehensive solution designed to help FPIs who need to set up new investment vehicles in India.  Key intermediaries such as global custodians will also benefit by gaining process efficiencies associated with documentation, due diligence and workflow management.  
Sriram Krishnan, Head of Securities Services – India at Deutsche Bank, said: “We are delighted to launch AccessIndia and contribute in not only addressing the pain points of our clients but also in making digital market entry possible.  As a leading custodian in India, Deutsche Bank has fittingly taken the lead in digitalisation of pre-investment compliance for FPIs around licensing and account set-ups.”

In addition to providing guidance to a prospective FPI with respect to completing all prescribed documentation, AccessIndia also helps in completing the applicable KYC requirements, thus paving the way for an end-to-end single-window entry to the Indian securities market.

The portal may also seamlessly integrate with the National Securities Depository Limited’s (NSDL), changing the licensing application landscape and providing an enhanced user experience for a prospective FPI. 

If you are one of the investors looking to access India, watch the video to see how Deutsche Bank’s new portal can help you.