• 18–21 September 2023 I Toronto

    Sibos 2023

An exciting week awaits us at Sibos 2023 in Toronto

Swift once again brings the global Sibos financial community together at the Metro Toronto Convention Center (MTCC) from 18-21 September 2023 to discuss the theme: Collaborative finance in a fragmented world.

This year’s Sibos agenda topics in focus include:

• Banking & Payments
• Corporate Treasury
• Cybersecurity & Compliance
• ESG & Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
• Securities
• Trade Finance
• Technology & Innovation

With more than 550+ speakers and 250+ conference sessions, Deutsche Bank is pleased to contribute to the world’s leading financial conference.

Join our Deutsche Bank experts at these sessions at Sibos 2023

Show content of MONDAY, 18 SEPTEMBER

14:30 – 15:15 EDT
Conference Stage 5

Instant treasury: Everything, everywhere, all at once

Session description:
Knowing where your liquidity is has become increasingly important from a corporate perspective. This is largely driven by a combination of risk management needs and simply the expectation today that info should be available in real time and at our fingertips. Balances are more important than ever, with the return of inflation and the need for increased efficiency. As technology also improves to potentially meet that demand, it’s vital for service providers to deliver on demand information to their clients. In this session, we’ll focus on the need for real-time information to cut risk and drive efficiency in the current high interest rate era.

Christof Hofmann, Global Head of Corporate Cash Management, DEUTSCHE BANK

Show content of TUESDAY, 19 SEPTEMBER

9:00 – 9:45 EDT
Standards Forum

Shorter securities settlement cycles: How standards can turn challenges into triumphs

Session description:
In many markets around the world, T+1 securities settlement is coming your way – or could be soon. Shorter settlement cycles can bring myriad benefits, but getting ready comes with challenges. Join us for this dynamic session where your vote sets the agenda. We've prepped a list of industry challenges recently laid out by the ISSA Working Group. Based on the audience’s vote, our panel will look at the most pressing issues, brainstorm solutions, and discuss the potential role of standards. Get ready for an interactive experience where your opinion shapes the narrative on one of the securities industry's hottest topics.

Paul Maley, Global Head of Securities Services, DEUTSCHE BANK

9:30 – 10:15 EDT
Conference Stage 6

Extending ISO 20022 benefits to corporates

Session description:
We’re still at the start of the great ISO 20022 adoption, but there are already benefits being seen. In this session, we’ll discover how banks can grow their corporates business and reap the benefits of ISO 20022. We’ll look at some concrete examples of benefits for corporate treasury, frictionless payments, digital trade, KYC, and e-BAM. And, we’ll discuss how banks can offer enhanced cash management and richer data services to their corporates.

Christian Fraedrich, Head of Business Architecture, Corporate Bank, DEUTSCHE BANK

13:00 – 13:30 EDT
Swift Theatre

Pioneering securities tracking with the Unique Transaction Identifier

Session description:
Come along to experience first-hand how the securities industry is leveraging the Unique Transaction Identifier (UTI) to enhance transparency and provide end-to-end transparency across the securities settlement chain. In this informative session, you’ll hear from firms about the efficiency and risk management benefits available to all parties in the settlement lifecycle. Discover how you can tap into the potential of this global initiative.

Mike Clarke, Global Head of Product Management & Head of UK&I Region, Securities Services, DEUTSCHE BANK

14:00 –14:30 EDT
Swift Theatre

Small payments. Big opportunity: Capturing growth in low-value payments

Session description:
With over 300 live institutions, Swift Go is becoming the new standard for low-value international payments. The service enables your consumer and SME customers to send quick and easy cross-border payments straight from their bank account. Come along to hear your peers share insights about their Swift Go journey: from building a business case, to processing their first live payments, opening additional corridors, and how they’ve enhanced their customers’ experience.

Marc Recker, Global Head of Products, Institutional Cash Management, DEUTSCHE BANK

Show content of WEDNESDAY, 20 SEPTEMBER

9:15 – 10:00 EDT
Conference Stage 5

Trade finance fraud: Combatting the bad guys and girls

Session description:
Despite the efforts of law enforcement, regulators and the broader industry, trade finance fraud is still prevalent, if not increasing. This doesn’t just impact large corporates and banks either. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) get hit too, adding to their struggle to survive in a tough economic environment and impacting their livelihoods. In this session, we’ll examine the scale of the problem, what’s driving it and why it’s so difficult to manage these risks.

Atul Jain, Global Co-Head of Trade Finance & Lending, DEUTSCHE BANK

10:30 – 11:00 EDT
Discover Stage

The power of AI with customers: Where banks are placing their bets

Session description:
Recent advances in AI have presented a vast range of opportunities for banks to enhance the way they interact with and deliver services to their customers.

How are banks approaching these opportunities and where are they investing? How are they balancing the risks of introducing AI to their businesses with the potential to gain competitive advantage?

1. Where are the greatest opportunities for banks to use AI in creating value for customers?
2. What are the key risks?
3. When it comes to “build v. buy”, what should banks be considering?
4. Are banks thinking about geopolitical factors when introducing AI to their business?

Inwha Huh, Head of F2B Transformation, Corporate & Investment Bank, DEUTSCHE BANK

11:30 – 12:30 EDT
Conference Stage 4

Big Issue Debate: Are financial services ready to leap into the new era of sustainable business practices?

Session description:
Climate change, environmental impact, and social responsibility are placing significant pressure on financial services to adapt and change their traditional business models. The current approach of making incremental adjustments may no longer be sufficient, and the industry must be prepared to take bolder steps in order to thrive in a rapidly evolving world. The question remains: are financial services ready to leap into the new era of sustainable business practices or will they continue to rely on models that are rapidly becoming outdated?

This session will be introduced by Rosemary Stone, Chief Business Development Officer at Swift.

Lavinia Bauerochse, Global Head of ESG, Corporate Bank, DEUTSCHE BANK

15:00 – 15:45 EDT
Conference Stage 1

A new era for payment investigations

Session description:
About 5% of cross-border payments encounter some sort of friction before they reach their destination, resulting in manual interventions that cost the industry upwards of $2 billion per year. But help is on the way. The introduction of rich and structured data in cross-border payments opens up a unique opportunity to bring more efficiency to exceptions management. Standardised market practices and central orchestration to increase automation and streamline processes are on the horizon. Hear from our panel of banks and vendors about the benefits this transformation is set to bring.

Paula Roels, Head of SWIFT and Market Infrastructures, Corporate Bank, DEUTSCHE BANK

15:00 – 16:00 EDT
Conference Stage 6

The fusion factor: Partnerships and interoperability in a hyper-connected world

Session description:
How do we achieve successful partnerships in a multi-networked financial ecosystem? The world is increasingly multi-networked, driven by specialised needs, democratised technology and new emerging client segments. For banks and their clients, connecting to these networks and seamlessly integrating offerings into the ecosystem is essential. In this session, our speakers discuss partnerships for success, interoperability, technology, and security.

Rachel Whelan, Global Head of Payments & Transactional FX Product Management, Corporate Cash Management, DEUTSCHE BANK

Show content of THURSDAY, 21 SEPTEMBER

10:30 – 11:15 EDT
Standards Forum

Building your ISO 20022 business case: Reap the rewards of rich and structured data

Session description:
How can your firm set out a successful ISO 20022 strategy that’s right for you?
What are the opportunities to protect and grow your business, increase efficiency, and improve risk management?
Join us to hear first-hand from financial institutions that are early adopters of the standard about the concrete benefits it’s bringing them. You’ll gain actionable insights to help you develop your internal business case and supercharge your adoption journey.

Paula Roels, Head of SWIFT and Market Infrastructures, Corporate Bank, DEUTSCHE BANK

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