• Sibos 2020

    Session videos

Day 1

  • Driving digital transformation in securities services

    with Jeslyn Tan, Christopher Daniels, Mike Clarke and Samar Sen

  • Third Party SCF platforms – opportunity or threat for banks?

    with Michael Dietz, Markus Rupprecht, Andreas Becker and Bastian Frien

  • Trade finance: Asset as a Service Solution

    with Jochen Siegert

  • Sibos Daily Digest

    with Daniel Schmand

Day 2

  • Workshop: update on post-trade regulatory developments

    with Deutsche Bank Securities Services Market Advocacy Team

  • FX market insights

    with George Saravelos

  • Workshop: Deep Dive into ISO 20022

    with Stephen Lindsay, Paula Roels, Simon Jones and Andreas Hauser

  • Cloud, community and partnerships - the future of financial technology

    with Bernd Leukert, Gil Perez, Umesh Vemuri, Rafael Otero, moderated by Seema Puri-Mehta

  • Sibos Daily Digest

    flow editor Clarissa Dann interviews Vikram Dewan

Day 3

  • Deep Dive into SWIFT gpi

    with Christian Fraedrich, Sebastian Rojas, Javier Orejas and Dennis de Weerdt

  • Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC): the most important trend in payments?

    with Ignacio Terol, Robert Crozier and Marion Laboure and Alexander Bechtel

  • Sibos Daily Digest

    flow editor Graham Buck interviews Ole Matthiessen


Day 4

  • FinTech payments: from retail to B2B

    with Dr. Matthaeus Sielecki and Rossini Zumwalt

  • ESG at the centre of business strategy

    with Kamran Khan

  • Workshop: Digital Asset Custody

    with Samar Sen

  • Sibos Daily Digest

    flow editor Janet Du Chenne interviews Michaela Ludbrook

From our Deutsche Bank Sibos STAR Scholar 2020

with Karyna Hutarovich