• Deutsche Bank enters a second decade of cash management leadership in Germany and Western Europe

In this year’s Euromoney Cash Management survey, Deutsche Bank claimed top prize in 16 regional and country categories for its cash management services and market leadership.

In recent years, the cash management space has faced a host of new challenges, from the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and the supply chain disruptions prompted by events in Ukraine, to the global energy crisis and rising inflation and interest rates. At the same time, innovation continues to shape the market, with growing trends towards real-time payments and digital assets significantly altering the cash management landscape.

Despite rising uncertainty, Deutsche Bank has repeatedly underlined its leading position in global cash management with a total of 16 No. 1 positions in Euromoney’s Cash Management Survey 2022. The bank was named the leading provider of cash management services to corporates in Western Europe and Germany – marking 11 consecutive years of leadership – along with six other countries.

In the financial institution (FI) rankings, the bank secured the No. 1 Market Leader position in Western Europe across all currencies. This is a marked improvement from 2021, where the bank placed second in the rankings – and demonstrates the bank’s continued commitment to pushing the boundaries for FI clients in the region and globally.

The Euromoney Cash Management Survey has been carried out annually since 2001 and has become a recognised marker for success in the cash management business. This year it received almost 22,000 responses from corporates and financial institutions working with a range of banks – making it a reliable indicator of Deutsche Bank's standing with clients across the globe.

Expanding reach and reputation among corporates 

In addition to retaining its leading position for corporate market share in Germany and Western Europe for 11 straight years, the bank has also held onto the top spot in both Portugal and Spain for the fifth consecutive year, and in the Netherlands for the third year in a row.

The bank is also expanding its reach and reputation with clients in other parts of the world with a series of No.1 Market Leader positions. For example, the bank retained its top spot for Pakistan for a second consecutive year and reclaimed the top spot in Belgium for the first time since 2020, as well as the top spot in the Philippines for the first time since 2017. Deutsche Bank also claimed the top prize for service in Austria, the Netherlands, Portugal, South Korea, and Thailand.  

“Every year, we talk about the challenges in the corporate cash management market, but this year, those challenges are more acute than ever. The competitive environment around innovation remains as intense as ever, but you can now add to this an ever-greater sense of geopolitical uncertainty prompted by events in Ukraine, as well as a global energy crisis and spiralling inflation and interest rates. Throughout this, we are proud to have stood by our clients as their global Hausbank, providing market-leading advisory support and innovative solutions. It means a lot that we remain number one for our clients," says Ole Matthiessen, Global Head of Cash Management and Head of Corporate Bank APAC.

Committed to supporting FIs

Deutsche Bank also came out on top for Western Europe in the financial institution polls, taking first place in the Market Leader rankings for all currencies.1 In addition, the bank retained its top spot for euro-denominated business in Western Europe, and reclaimed its leading position for US dollar.

“In another year marked out by major challenges, it is most pleasing that Deutsche Bank has held onto its top spot in the European Institutional Cash space for all currencies, as well as for both euro and US dollar business. We remain committed to supporting our FI clients through our best-in-class solutions, as well as by driving forward new industry initiatives shaping the future of payments,” says Daniel Schmand, Global Head of Institutional Cash Management and Corporate Bank Operations, Deutsche Bank.

Below is the full list of number-one rankings for Deutsche Bank in this year’s survey:


Regional Market Leader

No.1 in Western Europe (11th consecutive year)

Domestic Market Leader

No.1 in Belgium (1st year since 2020)
No.1 in Germany (11th consecutive year)
No.1 in Netherlands (3rd consecutive year)
No.1 in Pakistan (2nd year)
No.1 in Philippines (1st year since 2017)
No.1 in Portugal (5th consecutive year)
No.1 in Spain (5th consecutive year)

Best Service

No.1 in Austria (1st year)
No.1 in Netherlands (1st year since 2020)
No.1 in Portugal (4th consecutive year)
No.1 in South Korea (4th consecutive year)
No.1 in Thailand (1st year)

Financial Institutions:

Market Leader

No.1 in Western Europe for all currencies
No.1 in Western Europe for EUR
No.1 in Western Europe for USD

1 ALL currencies include: Euro, US Dollar, Yen, Sterling, Australian Dollar, Hong Kong Dollar, Indian Rupee, Indonesian Rupiah, Renminbi, Singapore Dollar, Thai Bhat and UAE Dirham