31 August 2023

Deutsche Bank supports with Redaptive’s US$125m financing to deploy Energy-as-a-Service solutions for its sustainability programs

Deutsche Bank Trust and Agency Services (TAS) has been chosen as account bank and verification agent on a US$125m committed warehouse facility for Redaptive

Redaptive, Inc., an energy-as-a-service (EaaS) provider, has secured US$125m in financing from Deutsche Bank’s US Private Credit & Infrastructure group to help accelerate its metering, HVAC, solar, LED, EV, and other efficiency and sustainability solutions. The warehouse facility provided by Deutsche Bank will securitise Redaptive’s diverse portfolio of customer contracts, allowing Redaptive to provide customers with the most competitive pricing for EaaS and data offerings.

Deutsche Bank AG, New York Branch was selected as facility agent and Deutsche Bank Trust and Agency Services has been selected as account bank and verification agent on this US$125m committed warehouse facility for Redaptive.

“We’re excited to partner with Deutsche Bank to further entrench Redaptive’s leadership position in the Energy-as-a-Service market,” said Redaptive CFO Matt Gembrin. “This partnership expands our ability to offer competitive solutions to help companies reach net zero and lower their carbon footprint.”

Jeremy Eisman, Head of Infrastructure & Energy Finance for the Americas, Deutsche Bank said, “We are proud to partner with Redaptive to accelerate the implementation of their sustainability solutions and further support our shared net zero ambitions.”

The World Green Building Council estimates that almost 30% of global carbon emissions come from heating and powering buildings. EaaS and metering solutions like Redaptive’s can achieve energy and financial savings faster with speed-to-scale implementation and help companies meet new energy efficiency regulations and ESG goals.

About Redaptive

Redaptive is a leading Energy-as-a-Service provider that funds and installs energy-saving and energy-generating equipment. Redaptive's programs help many of the world's most sophisticated organisations reduce energy waste, optimise cost, lower carbon emissions, and meet their sustainability goals across their entire real estate portfolios. With Redaptive, customers can overcome capital and resource barriers to achieve energy-saving benefits quickly, all with continuous data powered by Redaptive's proprietary metering technology. Redaptive was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in Denver, Colorado. For more information, visit: Redaptive.com.