• A Guide to Trade Finance

May 2020

To mark Deutsche Bank’s 150 anniversary and Trade Finance being its founding business, we proudly present the release of our Guide to Trade Finance, outlining the fundamental practices and rules critical to the trade finance industry’s ongoing functioning and future development

Assembled by seasoned trade finance professionals, it explains the fundamentals of financing cross-border trade in practice, so is ideal for discussions when some parties may not be familiar with this technique and its many variations.

This guide is designed to act as a fundamental reference tool for anyone active in Trade Finance or entering this exciting and vital business.

“As a bank whose foundations were laid in international trade finance, we remain at the heart of the industry’s evolution and education today, as we celebrate our 150th anniversary,” says Daniel Schmand, Global Head of Trade Finance and Lending, Deutsche Bank. And, with this in mind, we present this Guide to Trade Finance as an anniversary gift to the industry.”

The information is structured into the following twelve chapters, reflecting modern trade finance practices:

  1. Introduction to trade finance
  2. Transactional trade finance
  3. Supply chain finance
  4. Structured trade and commodity finance
  5. Structured trade and export finance, and export credit insurance
  6. Development finance
  7. Other forms of trade finance
  8. Foreign exchange (FX)
  9. Sustainable trade finance
  10. Digitalisation
  11. Financial crime
  12. Future of trade finance

Here is an extract from chapter 2.5 Documentary credits:

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