• Client services reimagined

May 2021

Client services reimagined

The winds of change have transformed client services in the banking sector over recent years. The transformation was underway long before coronavirus impacted on our daily working and home lives. As with many other areas of both financial services and retail, the pandemic served to accelerate trends that were already evident, such as consumers and businesses taking up contactless and other new payment methods while reducing their reliance on cash.

So emails and phone calls, which were once at the centre of bank’s customer facing operations are increasingly giving way to digital client services. Most routine actions and queries can be resolved through self-service, digital technologies, integrated platforms and data analytics. Human relationships are still central to any service offering, but are focused more on value-added services.

This evolution is examined in the new Deutsche Bank Corporate Bank publication Reimagining client services. The white paper outlines a future vision in which clients have the power of self service to digitally configure their set-ups, preferences and processes to meet their individual needs – and those areas where human contact will still be central.

The report’s authors include Dennis De-Weerdt, Global Head of Client Implementations, Service and Connectivity Cash Management, for Deutsche Bank Corporate Bank and Kerstin Montiegel, the Bank’s Global Head of Client Connectivity, who note that the transformative journey is still in progress. Over the past 10 years retail banking has rapidly digitalised in response to consumer demand and advances in technology that have helped establish new services such as digital payments and online banking.

While corporate banking is more complex and has been slower to change, corporate client service is now accelerating towards a future end-to-end client journey that is friction-free, faster, automated, digital and contactless. And it’s a vision that Deutsche Bank is embracing, building the principles into our Autobahn Corporate Bank portal including innovative solutions like the Digital Service Manager – a central, digital platform that enables clients to access, change or cancel product features and services in near-real time.

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