• Digital payments and treasury:
    an enabler of long-term growth

June 2023

As e-commerce continues to grow, digital payments – the facilitator of these online sales – have become a top priority for merchants, with a focus on providing an intuitive, fast and seamless experience for customers

In a world where real-time treasury and instant payments are increasingly the norm, having control of all payments can also help treasury to improve its cashflow forecasts and liquidity, as well as strengthen its balance sheet by integrating pay-in and pay-out strategies. In addition, once cash is received onto the account, it can be automatically reconciled and posted to the target account, which helps businesses to deliver a better customer experience and increase loyalty across its client base.

While businesses look to embrace digital payment strategies, there is an opportunity for treasury to take a more holistic approach and help to improve the end-to-end payment workflow, enterprise resource planning (ERP) integration and material and distribution management.

This white paper, by Deutsche Bank and KPMG, explains how and why this approach is an important business enabler when supported by banks and technology providers.

Digital payments and treasury: an enabler of long-term growth Download white paper