• The Group Treasurer: an ACT Guide to the First 100 Days

September 2020

As the treasury function adapts and evolves to the demands of today’s fast-changing circumstances, best practice advice from trusted advisors has become increasingly important for treasurers. At no point is this more important than in the first few days at the desk in a new role

When speaking to our clients – many of whom had recently moved into treasury roles for the first time – it became clear that the information to guide them through their first 100 days and beyond was not a readily available resource. Often, individuals can feel overwhelmed – having to balance learning a host of new, often alien, concepts, with the need to quickly get up to speed.

Equally, as the treasury function has evolved in recent years – with new processes and technologies moving centre stage – providing treasury professionals with a concise “refresh” of the latest developments is particularly valuable, especially for perennial challenges, such as the availability of liquidity.

Back to basics

We have looked to create a guide that goes back to basics – and the ACT seemed the perfect partner for this. The ACT can provide treasury professionals with training and qualifications necessary for a successful career, Deutsche Bank, in its role as a trusted advisor, can provide up-to-date insight on the options available for treasurers in the market. Over the years, we have worked with an array of clients and have an expert team that can – through their knowledge of the suite of products available and their longstanding relationships with treasuries across a host of industries – help treasurers navigate their new role, as well as the new environment.

The Guide serves as a complete compendium of the crucial, need-to-know information – starting with the basics, including the role of treasury, how departments are set up and what you need to know about treasury policy, before moving on to a series of deep dives into the critical features of life in treasury. This includes all you need to know about cash and liquidity management, the innovative technologies that are driving change, and an exploration of whether an in-house bank is right for you.

However long or short your experience in treasury may be, we hope this guide acts as a useful companion.

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