• Long Term Debt Administration

We provide comprehensive end-to-end trustee and administration services for issuers in the Debt Capital Markets including Eurobonds, Exchangeable bonds, Investment Grade bonds, High Yield bonds, Sovereign bonds, Schuldschein, Loan Participation Notes, Convertible bonds and Covered bonds. We have extensive expertise in settling debt instruments and an ability to execute efficiently for the life of the transaction

The challenge

Engaging with multiple entities for agency and trustee roles on debt transactions may cause delays and confusion. A specialist that can provide close coordination between issuers and investors can significantly alleviate these issues. In addition, raising debt in multiple locations due to investor appetite can also pose further complications.

The solution

We have an extensive history of providing trust and agency services. Our skilled and knowledgeable long term debt administration teams provide end-to-end administration services for issuers and investors. We are equipped with the infrastructure, established networks and links to the international and domestic clearing systems. We bring the global capabilities necessary to efficiently carry out the required tasks such as monitoring timely interest payments, setting rates and distributing information to transaction parties. In addition we have the ability to monitor covenant compliance and, where required, we will mitigate conflict of interest for our clients and their investors. As a global service provider we can support clients raising debt in multiple jurisdictions.

The benefits

Specialised teams
Our clients benefit from the expertise and experience of teams dedicated to meeting each clients specific requirements. Furthermore, each deal is assigned a client services account manager responsible for ensuring a high level of client service.

Global reach, local touch
We have specialised centers of excellence in London, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Luxembourg, New York, Tokyo and Singapore as well as a global network of more than 70 countries and 90 languages. We expertly service, from the most basic transactions, to more complex cross border financings, with multi-currency cash flows in EMEA, Asia and the Americas

Flexible expertise
We are experienced in administering all levels of debt within a clients capital structure including senior secured, senior, second lien, subordinated and Payment In Kind (PIK) debt and are frequently involved in developing bespoke services. Our team of experts has the breadth of knowledge to ensure all fiduciary and administrative aspects of a transaction are taken care of safeguarding the interests of the investors and enabling the smooth operation of the transaction through-out its lifecycle.


Our services include:

  • Account Bank
  • Calculation Agent
  • Cash Manager
  • Common Depository
  • Conversion Agent
  • Custody
  • Depository/Escrow Agent/Insurance Trustee
  • Fiscal Agent
  • Intercreditor/Global Agent
  • Registrar
  • Security Agent
  • Tender/Exchange/Consent/Information Agent
  • Trustee

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