• Medium term note programmes

Deutsche Bank is a leading provider of issuer and paying agent services and can act as trustee, registrar and reporting agent for medium term note (MTN) issuers. We offer a web-based application for global MTN programmes, a single point of contact for administering and servicing the transaction throughout its life cycle, and specialist teams that work closely with Client Service to ensure accuracy and timeliness

Your trusted partner

Issuers of MTN need an experienced and expert administrator to ensure the debt is efficiently serviced. Issuers can engage with us to administer their debt knowing both they and their investors will receive a market-leading service.

Working with Deutsche Bank, clients can leverage our relationships with Euroclear, Clearstream and the Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation to access funding opportunities. If the issuance is via Euroclear/Clearstream and is a classic common global note, Deutsche Bank, as the common depositary, will hold the global note in safekeeping for the life of the deal. We can also arrange for the listing of the notes and submission of the prospectus on relevant stock exchanges. We supply specialist trust and paying agency services that MTN issuers require. Also available to MTN issuers are trustee, registrar and reporting agent services.

The Deutsche Bank advantage

Reporting: Global Programme Reporting, a web-based application developed for MTN programmes, provides online information on outstandings, maturities, forthcoming payments and a range of other data crucial to issuers and programme administrators.

Single point of contact: We assign staff to specific transactions in order to comprehensively administer and service the transactions throughout their life cycle. Our dedicated Client Service team is your first point of contact for all your services and requests.

Specialist teams: Specialist teams act as trustee, monitor collateral, generate waterfall models, set rates, reconcile coupon payments, track investors and fulfill other back-office tasks, all in close coordination with the Client Service team to ensure accuracy and timeliness


Our service roles include:

  • Account bank
  • Calculation agent
  • Cash manager
  • Common depositary
  • Conversion/exchange agent
  • Escrow agent
  • Fiscal agent
  • Intercreditor/global agent
  • Issuing and paying agent
  • Listing agent
  • Rate set agent
  • Registrar and transfer agent
  • Security agent
  • Tender/exchange/consent/information agent
  • Trustee

Full end-to-end servicing:

  • Initial document review
  • Security trustee and agency service to hold security for the bond
  • Note trustee to hold covenants to pay on behalf of the beneficiaries
  • Facilitation of the initial distribution to investors
  • Issuance of securities and administration of corporate actions
  • Provision of a cash account to facilitate cash flows
  • Repayment of the principal at maturity
  • Facilitation of listings on exchanges
  • Waterfall modelling
  • Management of reporting requirements

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