• Short term debt – commercial paper and certificates of deposit

As one of the world’s largest issuing and paying agents, Deutsche Bank has the knowledge and expertise to handle all of your short term debt transactions. From real-time information on the status of transactions to robust reporting, we offer the tools and breadth of experience needed to support your activities

Your trusted partner

Experience, dependability and service – these are the qualities issuers look for in their issuing and paying agent (IPA). Issuers need to be sure the IPA they choose has the knowledge and expertise to administer their transaction properly and accurately, from issuance through redemption.

Deutsche Bank is one of the largest IPAs and participates in Euroclear, Clearstream and the Depository Trust Clearing Corporation, providing settlement in more than 35 currencies.

The Deutsche Bank advantage

Technology: The market is fast moving and highly streamlined. Issuers need real-time information on the status of their transactions, plus the ability to communicate trades quickly and in a secure environment. Deutsche Bank’s programme reporting tool provides issuers with the information and functionality they need, as well as the ability to approve programme issuances online.

Reporting: Issuers have access to real-time programme activity, daily issuances and maturities, actual and projected outstandings, and the capability to provide more detailed information on underlying transactions.

Expertise: Our professionals specialise in providing trust, paying agency and administrative solutions to corporations, financial institutions and government agencies worldwide. This breadth of experience allows us to provide clients with all the services they need in an expert environment.


Our service roles include:

  • Common depositary
  • Conduit administrator
  • Issuing and paying agent
  • Listing agent
  • Registrar and transfer agent
  • Trustee

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