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Corporates are faced with increasing demand to raise their profile with foreign investors, make their shares more easily available to this audience, and raise new capital outside their domestic market – especially in the United States

We specialise in administering cross-border equity structures such as American and global depositary receipts. We also offer paying agency, annual general meeting, advisory and shareholder services for companies with registered or bearer shares listed on a German stock exchange.

From hubs in New York, London, Frankfurt and Hong Kong, specialist staff, supported by the global infrastructure of the Deutsche Bank Group, provide cross-border or domestic equity administration to clients in more than 60 countries.

We provide all of the services necessary to set up and run a successful depositary receipt programme, including a range of added services to ensure that both the issuing company and its investors get the most out of it. Every client is assigned a specialist relationship manager because we are  dedicated to providing personalised, white glove service.

Our team of experts are dedicated to innovation and have pioneered the concept of a virtual investor conference. Known as dbVIC, these online events are a seamless way for our clients to access a substantial pool of investors, and for investors to meet a broad range of international companies’ executive management teams.

Our market-leading website provides the most comprehensive, up-to-date information on the entire depositary receipt market for investors and brokers. For depositary receipt clients, it also offers secure access to a wide range of tailored data on their programme, their investors and their peers.

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American and global depositary receipts

For many quoted companies, making their shares accessible to investors outside their home market, particularly to investors based in the United States is a key goal. Businesses may wish to raise new capital abroad, diversify their shareholder bases to cover a more international spread, improve their profiles with foreign investors, or use their shares to make acquisitions overseas.

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