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Post IPO services (“P-IPO”) provides a wide range of services for corporates listed on a German stock exchange as well as investment funds registered for public distribution in Germany

Following an initial public offering (IPO), listing or registration in the German market, respectively, corporates and investment funds have a number of obligations to fulfil, amongst others in connection with the payment of dividends, arranging and holding Annual General Meetings (AGMs) as well as structuring and executing capital transactions/corporate actions, thereby striving to satisfy regulatory requirements, to guarantee the timely communication into the market and to ensure a smooth settlement.

Fulfilling these obligations requires knowledge, experience, infrastructure and significant resources; as well as established networks with the clearing systems, stock exchanges, depositary banks and other relevant market participants.

Our dedicated P-IPO team has the long standing experience, knowledge, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and the extensive networks necessary to act as a competent and reliable partner to fulfil these obligations.

P-IPO services include the following features:

Paying Agency / Information Agency

Our dedicated team supports clients comprehensively in connection with the coordination and execution of dividend payments. For investment funds P-IPO also acts as German Information Agent as well as Paying Agent opposite Clearstream Banking AG.

AGM Registration Agency

For stock corporations with bearer shares we take over the function as AGM Registration Agency.

AGM Advisory

Our experts support clients in connection with the planning and organization of one of the most important events in a client’s financial year – the annual general meeting.

Capital Transactions Advisory

We offer dedicated expert advisory with respect to the coordination, organization and technical structuring of capital transactions/corporate actions, such as e.g. take-over offers, compensation offers, squeeze-outs, stock splits, bonus shares, share exchanges and cancellations.

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