Corporates need a payments partner that can meet the challenges of a rapidly globalising international payments system

The challenge

Volumes of cross-border financial transactions continue to grow, involving greater complexities and an increasing number of currencies; that’s why transaction solutions have to be designed to meet these challenges for companies of all sizes, offering all types of financial services.

The solutions

We offer specialised services for every type of payment. In Europe, we are the leading SEPA bank and can support migration to the new common standards and processes across the EU and EEA. 

With a local presence in more than 15 Asian countries, our team of experts provides solutions that can be adapted to individual transaction processing requirements and has also developed market-leading solutions for the specialised needs of payment factories and other centralised structures. These can facilitate more efficient and cost-effective payment processing and cash management.

Differing bulk payments services include:

Domestic bulk payments
These are domestic, non-urgent payments in the local currency.

Domestic direct debits
These are domestic direct debits in the local currency.

SEPA payments
Incorporate non-urgent payments within the “Single Euro Payments Area” which are considered European domestic transactions.

SEPA direct debits
Direct debits within the “Single Euro Payments Area” which are considered European domestic transactions.

The benefits

  • With our global expertise and experience our clients can take advantage of:
  • One partner for all local and international payment needs
  • Connection to all major clearing systems
  • A broad network of international correspondent banks
  • Highly efficient payment infrastructure
  • Award winning quality in national and international payment processing
  • Cash management optimisation

* Footnote: Past performance is not indicative of future returns

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