The Corporate Bank Portal (CB Portal) is the single access to your solutions and services provided by Deutsche Bank. The CB Portal is currently in pilot phase and it continues to evolve with the needs of our clients.

What you can expect

  • Real-time access to the latest products and services at your fingertips

  • A consolidated offering, with interoperability between products

  • Improved data analysis (including AI) to forecast your needs and provide pro-active added value services

Driving a seamless client experience

Intuitive user interface

Intuitive user interface

Quick and user-friendly summaries of all accounts and activity across your products

Always up-to-date

Always up-to-date

Powered by our APIs we ensure quick development cycles to provide latest updates on the fly

Anytime at your finger tip

Anytime at your finger tips

One login, anywhere in the world, with 24/7 access to all services

User experience by design

User experience by design

Customised dashboard and tailored functionality according to your needs - improving with your feedback

Spot-on features

Spot-on features

Seamless and well positioned functions boost day-to-day efficiency

Because security matters

Because security matters

One security device for all functions ensures state-of-the-art security and ease-of-access

What we offer

Already available

  • Digital Service Management
    Digital Service Management provides 24/7 service features in an easy, fast and secure way. Get a full view of all service requests raised with Deutsche Bank including real-time status.

  • Cash Management
    Key features available in Cash Management are Account Information Services, Payments Initiation and Account Reporting. It offers simplified payment initiation, real-time visibility and transparency for payment status throughout transaction lifecycle.

  • Escrow Direct
    A digitized Escrow and Paying Agent solution for M&A transactions that streamlines document management and payment processes.

… Currently in the pipeline

…  the entire suite of Corporate Banking products, such as Cash Management, Liquidity and FX capabilities, Trade Finance and Lending functions, Trust and Agency Services, Securities Services, Merchant Solutions and more

… a wide range of Digital Services, such as Payment Investigations and Document Sharing, provided in an easy, fast and secure way

… simplifications to day-to-day events such as the onboarding of new users or the adding of new products or features to our user’s portal experience

Phone Desktop v3


Using Deutsche Bank Secure Authenticator (DB Secure Authenticator), users can key in their username on the login website and complete the login action with a One Time Password (OTP) which is generated on their smartphone. Generating the OTP requires a PIN code and as a result the login is secured by the 2-Factor (2FA) Authentication standard, the PIN code being a knowledge factor, and the ownership of the registered smartphone app being a possession factor.

To authorise a transaction, the DB Secure Authenticator makes use of the smartphone’s built-in camera to scan the transaction details displayed online as cryptographic QR code. The app then displays the transaction details on the phone as well as a respective OTP to sign off the specific transaction. A PIN code is needed before starting this process, ensuring the 2FA Authentication standard is met.

Find out more about cyber security and how we protect you from cyber fraud:

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Show content of What is the Corporate Bank Portal?

The Corporate Bank Portal is the single access to your solutions and services provided by Deutsche Bank. After being launched in autumn 2021 the offering embedded will grow over the next few months while priorities get aligned to the needs of our clients.

Show content of What languages are offered?

Currently Corporate Bank Portal is available in English, and German languages. But we will be providing the portal in more than 10 languages.

Show content of What price is applied to the use of Corporate Bank Portal?

Corporate Bank Portal access is free to use for all Deutsche Bank Corporate clients. For embedded products and services, the respective product pricing applies. In case you want to use embedded DB product and services please contact your Bank representative for more information. 

Show content of Is Corporate Bank Portal available for my region or is it restricted somehow?

The portal is currently rolled out according to product capabilities and regional availability. For more information, please contact your Bank representative or your client service team.

Show content of How do I request additional services within the Corporate Bank Portal?

Access to additional services and products can be requested through your client service team.

Outlook: We are going to introduce a Product Store in a later stage so that we can add new features directly into the portal

Show content of What if I do not want to use the DB Secure Authenticator app? Or am not allowed to use DB Secure Authenticator app?

Deutsche Bank will not enforce soft tokens but allow users to choose between the soft and hardware version. For users who prefer not to use a smartphone or are not allowed to use a smartphone by their corporate policy for login or authorisation, you can order a small, hardware device that has the same DB Secure Authenticator capability. The hardware device can be purchased here.

Show content of What are the system (hardware/software) prerequisites to use Corporate Bank Portal?

The Corporate Bank Portal is available via web browser: Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge. No other prerequisites are required.

Show content of Do I need to install software (drivers etc.) locally to use Corporate Bank Portal?

No, no driver or software is needed for the Corporate Bank Portal. You can access this via any web browser.