We provide a complete range of efficient and secure services for payment transfers “on paper”. Despite the emergence of electronic payment technology, many companies prefer to pay their outstanding invoices by cheque.That’s where lockboxes in Europe, the US and Asia can provide a comprehensive solution to optimise the entire cheque collection process, including image archives and electronic reporting

The solution

Lockbox US, lockbox Europe, lockbox Asia

Trusting lockbox services to our expert teams allows clients to take advantage of new and innovative technology to accelerate the receivables process and improve cash flow. Additionally, lockboxes can help facilitate the transition from paper payment and processing to an electronic method.

FastCollect (Asia)

Clients looking to reduce days sales outstanding (DSO) and collection risks while improving receivables reconciliation and sales processes can turn to FastCollect Online, our automated collections solution. A leap forward in invoice traceability and collections retrieval, FastCollect online helps clients meet the reconciliation challenge of assessing timely and real-time information on their collections, thus giving them more effective control over their receivables function.