• Clearing services worldwide

Offering global payment clearing solutions to financial institutions helps optimise their treasury functions and provide value-added services for the payment needs of their underlying clients

Our solutions

Euro clearing and US dollar clearing

We are the No. 1 EUR clearer offering euro accounts at Deutsche Bank AG Frankfurt, as well as a leading US dollar clearer offering US dollar accounts at Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas (DBTCA). Both offer a full suite of industry-leading features and applications, including:

  • Advising
  • Custom pricing options
  • Timing / speed of payments
  • Intelligent routing decisions
  • State of the art pattern matching

Multi currency clearing

We offer our clients the flexibility to maintain accounts in a wide range of foreign currencies at Deutsche Bank AG Frankfurt. Clients control the balances and provide instructions on payments in the respective currencies.


FX4Cash integrates our existing client access channels, extensive reach to global payment clearing systems as well as leading foreign exchange trading infrastructure to provide clients a solution for cross currency payments worldwide. FX4Cash has three components:

  • Payables: using either fixed or real time rates
  • Receivables: automatically convert incoming receivables for direct deposit into a specific target currency