• Cross-border payments

Cross-border ACH (XB-ACH) offers low-value ACH clearing for global corporates making cross-border payments to their vendors and suppliers. Through our integration with FX4Cash™, we offer a single pipeline for all cross-border payments, supporting over 120+ payment currencies

Cross-border ACH (XB-ACH): Enabling low-value payments

The cross-border ACH (XB-ACH) platform is built to meet the unique payment needs of global corporate clients. This streamlined solution helps clients make low-value ACH payments around the globe to their vendors or suppliers using our cost-efficient ACH network. Clients can leverage our capabilities to access local clearing systems without the need to maintain accounts in each country.

The challenge

As multinational corporates expand globally, it becomes increasingly important to use low-cost channels for making high-volume payments to their suppliers in multiple currencies and multiple countries. The traditional payment solutions don’t use the low-value payment channels in all the currencies they use to process these payments. This increases the costs of doing business and ultimately reduces returns.

The solution

The XB-ACH solution offers low-value local clearing for high-volume payments in multiple countries. Furthermore, the XB-ACH solution offers a single pipeline for all cross-border payments, supporting over 120+ payment currencies. The service automatically clears payments as urgent/high-value payments wherever ACH is not available for the country/currency. Therefore, a single payment file can be sent for all destination countries, currencies and value dates. As part of the service, we ensure that payments are converted to meet local country format requirements.

The benefits

  • A single pipeline for all cross-border payments – covering 120+ payment currencies
  • Central account maintenance and processing, consistent booking logic and information reporting
  • Access to low-cost local clearing, reduction of account maintenance costs with payments processed through a centralised account.
  • Embedded FX conversion capabilities that can be utilised by clients for competitive FX rates and increased transparency.
  • Data-rich reporting to facilitate auto-reconciliation and improve exception handling.
  • Improved auto reconciliation and exception handling by reporting back customer supplied transaction reference number, both at batch level & transaction level.