• Cross currency transactions

FX4Cash™ leverages our expertise as a leading cash management provider with its renowned capabilities as a truly global FX trading powerhouse to offer a broad range of solutions for cross border payments targeted to financial institutions, non bank and corporate clients

FX4Cash - Redefining your approach to cross currency payments

The FX4Cash product suite is built upon a flexible, stable and resilient platform designed to meet the unique needs of our diverse clients. FX4Cash heavily integrates with our existing client access channels, providing extensive reach to global payment and clearing systems and its leading FX trading infrastructure provides clients with a one stop solution for worldwide cross-border currency payments.

Some of our key features

  • Supporting over 125 currencies, multiple payment options and access channels, comprehensive FX trade types and competitive rates
  • Latest technology, systems and processes ensure operational excellence and quality customer service
  • Full suite of solutions to support clients’ payables, receivables and passive cross border flows
  • Improved efficiency via a streamlined process of FX dealing, settlement and payment
  • Cost savings by consolidating accounts, eliminating idle balances, and aggregating FX trades
  • Mitigating risks of operating local currency accounts and exposure to currency volatility
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Autobahn App Market

Autobahn App Market Welcome to the next generation of electronic transaction banking

The Autobahn App Market is our award winning electronic service offering, giving you simple, intuitive and
consistent access to an array of transaction banking, investment banking and post-trade services – across
asset classes and markets – as well as powerful Deutsche Bank research, commentary and analytics

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