• Liquidity management services

Every company faces daily issues of liquidity from holding surplus cash generated from incoming payments on the one hand, and overdrafts caused by outgoing payments on the other. We provide a simple product to make liquidity management more efficient and transparent

The challenge

Liquidity is one of our clients’ most precious assets. However, cross border transactions, different time zones, varying local banking practices and regulatory environments can make it difficult to utilise liquidity effectively.

The solution

Our liquidity management solutions can simplify that process. By combining notional pooling and cash concentration structures with secure technology to automate day to day operations, our liquidity management experts gives your organisation the ability to focus on long term business goals.

Our experts offer sophisticated solutions in all major currencies that help to reduce complexity, while reflecting your company’s structure and goals. We use liquidity management solutions that are proven and secure with fully automated processing. This means that there is no need for you to invest in software and technology for your company. We also offer financial institutions a comprehensive range of solutions for white labelling and outsourcing needs.

In effect, our liquidity management solutions provide real time information and transparency into your company’s cash positions; which allows you to monitor your balance positions and invest strategically across a wider set of investment options at various times during the business day to better realise your capital earnings around the world.

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