• Marketplace Payments

Enabling customers to accelerate their digital transformation easier, faster and at scale by cutting through the complexity with our Marketplace Payments

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Our offering

Deutsche Bank offers one stop shop for our clients to overcome payment challenges in their day-to-day marketplace operations.

Our innovative and state of the art marketplace payment solutions fulfil the specific requirements

  • Payment acceptance – wide range of pay-in methods through single integration
  • Split payments and reconciliation – supporting splitting and holding of funds amongst multiple payees in a single transaction of the buyer
  • Global settlement – broad geographic availability for pay out to sellers
  • Avoid need for Marketplace taking on regulatory and liability responsibilities
  • Flexibility, scalability and expertise to support marketplace growth

Our USPs/ Value propositions

Counterparty risk Established, reputable relationship bank as counterparty with proven risk management, global regulatory compliance and security standards for vendor selection and payment service
Reconciliation Granular settlement information of each mixed basked purchase transaction and for improved cash application and reconciliation flows
Settlement cycles Bank-owned, end-to-end clearing and global settlement capabilities with optional credit facilities lines for same-day settlement cycles
FX capabilities Improved FX margins below reseller prices from intermediary PSPs and innovative DCC/MCP solution embedded in the check-out process
Payment method pricing Competitive fees on account-based payment methods, such as online direct debits,
credit transfers and request-to-pay
Technology Deutsche Bank has made significant investments to expand its payment acceptance and settlement platform, offering each service on a modular basis through APIs

Deutsche Bank being your trusted partner

Establishing trust in integration and operational excellence

  • Liquidity: enhanced settlement cycle
  • Legal and Compliance: legal setup incl. KYC requirement for sellers
  • FX: FX risk exposure when operating in multi-locations

Building trust with consumers and growing brand loyalty

  • Conversion rate
  • User experience
  • Risk and fraud
  • Customer service model
  • 3rd party provider management

Creating exceptional trust in technology, cyber fraud detection, scalable and stable solutions

  • Scalable technology solution
  • Stability and security
  • Customisation
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