• Request to pay

Request to pay is a quick, safe and standardised payment method that helps address a myriad of treasury pain points

The challenge

Consumers across the globe have been quick to take up credit cards and e-wallet solutions, but the same cannot be said for treasurers who must deal with the many strains they place on their business – including costly interchange fees, extended settlement times, increased risk of fraud and complex reconciliation.

The solutions

Deutsche Bank’s Request-to-pay solution is an innovative, fast, irrevocable, and cost-effective payment type that allows merchants and FinTechs to collect funds from their end customers. In return for a small, flat fee per transaction, request to pay can help reduce costs for e-commerce businesses. It improves working capital through real-time payment collection and in doing so also manages customer credit and payment risk. By selecting Deutsche Bank’s solution as the preferred option for customers at the checkout, these benefits can be unlocked for a greater array of consumers and merchants.

The benefits

Merchant benefits

  • Irrevocable payments eliminates chargeback risk
  • Fixed and low-cost transaction charges
  • Faster settlement compared to other payment methods
  • No risk of fraud due to Instant SEPA Credit Transfer
  • Error-free reconciliation by use of own payment references
  • Near-real-time processing via APIs
  • Single, pan-European solution: available immediately to all consumers with a bank account in Europe

Consumer benefits

  • Available to anyone with a bank account in Europe
  • No registration or set-up required
  • Authorisation through known credentials of consumer’s bank
  • Eliminates fraud risk through Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)
  • Deutsche Bank, a trusted, leading bank in Europe, acts as the payment initiation service provider (PISP)