Market infrastructure change could present significant benefits for investors and financial intermediaries investing and transacting in global markets

The challenge

For example, settlement in T2S in Europe is harmonised and cross-border costs will be reduced. These benefits will help open opportunities into new markets. However, integral custody services will remain at the local market level, such as; corporate actions, tax and regulatory compliance, which will require on-the-ground expertise. It will be essential to have a provider who can balance the advantages of the harmonised environment with the local expertise still required.

The solution

Our full service custody offers centralised cash and settlement services via a T2S regional hub, combined with a distributed operating model that incorporates on the ground staff. We provide local market expertise and optional levels of asset protection.

Omnibus account: Full Service capabilities, asset safety, safekeeping and regulatory reporting in the local market.

Segregated account: Full Service capabilities, asset protection, able to identify and allocate assets efficiently in a crisis event.

Your advantage

Adopting Deutsche Bank’s account operator solution to T2S, our clients benefit from a range of significant advantages.

Thought leadership

  • Our market advocacy team has a reputation in the market for providing an influential and consistent message on behalf of our clients.
  • We have representatives on key T2S committees including: CSD steering Group, Advisory Group, Harmonisation steering Group and a directly connected participant (DCP) governance group
  • We recognise the extension of T2S functionality as an infrastructure, beyond the initial set of participating markets


  • We have been at the heart of the T2S project since it began
  • We are providing full functionality in T2S
  • We are directly connected participant’s (DCP) to T2S in each major Eurozone market
  • Senior level focus on growth and opportunities in a post-T2S environment


  • We are a market leader in EUR (€) cash clearing
  • We have a proven track record of experience in extensive harmonisation projects in the Eurozone, T2 and SEPA.
  • We provide dedicated solutions for over 6,000 clients



  • Securities settlement services (third party)
  • Assets held in your name at CSD
  • Single booking location with single view of inventory
  • Regulatory reporting in local market
  • Full T2S functionality
  • Securities income processing, Corporate action, proxy voting, tax services
  • Trade cycle management
  • Asset servicing including proxy voting
  • Local lending
  • Direct market access (CSD/clearing house)
  • Cash settlement bank
  • Trade matching
  • Securities clearing
  • Position management & securities valuation
  • Document management
  • Cash account services
  • Payment processing services
  • Payment clearing
  • Fails coverage (where applicable)

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