With the current environment constraining liquidity and with regulation increasing the demands on capital requirements, clients need solutions that enable them to optimise their resources

Infrastructure initiatives such as the Target-2 Securities (T2S) securities settlement platform allows participants to centralise the related cash settlement of their clients’ obligations.

In T2S it will be possible to use a dedicated cash account (DCA), with one central bank of choice, providing a single pool of liquidity for cash and collateral across all T2S markets. Therefore, it is no longer necessary to manage a central bank account in each market.

As a market leader in EUR Liquidity, we work closely with our clients to provide innovative and flexible solutions that bring the advantages of a central bank structure into the commercial banking environment.

The challenge

The right liquidity strategy depends on two factors:

  1. Do you have the option of using your own central bank money?
  2. Is the use of commercial bank money a better solution to match your needs?

Having the right cash account structures will be crucial to unlocking the Liquidity that is appropriate for your specific business needs.

At Deutsche Bank we can support both client cash account models in central bank and commercial bank monies.

The solution

The benefits of funding multiple T2S settlement locations, from a single cash account, provide liquidity opportunities in the local market, in real time. Our flexible account solution can support your treasury function through access to both central and commercial bank monies.

Our clients gain from:

  • Our market leading EUR (€) cash clearing abilities
  • Flexible T2S account set-up options, tailored to our clients’ needs
  • Multi-market access through a single cash account (Deutsche Bank’s T2S hub)
  • Centralised cash for enriched funding opportunities


Thought leadership

  • Our market advocacy team has a reputation in the market for providing an influential and consistent message on behalf of our clients.
  • We have representatives on key T2S committees including: CSD steering Group, Advisory Group, Harmonisation steering Group and a directly connected participant (DCP) governance group
  • We recognise the extension of T2S functionality as an infrastructure, beyond the initial set of participating markets


  • We have been at the heart of the T2S project since it began
  • We are providing full functionality in T2S
  • We are directly connected participant’s (DCP) to T2S in each major Eurozone market
  • Senior level focus on growth and opportunities in a post-T2S environment


  • We are a market leader in EUR (€) cash clearing
  • We have a proven track record of experience in extensive harmonisation projects in the Eurozone, T2 and SEPA.
  • We provide dedicated solutions for over 6,000 clients



  • Cost efficiency and clarity
  • Funding and cash management in the local market
  • Single point of contact
  • Tax services
  • Cash settlement bank
  • Cash account services
  • Securities income processing, corporate action, proxy voting
  • Payment processing services
  • Payment clearing
  • Fails coverage (where applicable)

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