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Market infrastructure and regulatory change, which fundamentally changes post-trade securities settlement processes, Our dedicated market advocacy team has a reputation in the market for providing an influential and consistent message on behalf of our clients

The Central Securities Depository Regulation (CSDR), the Shareholder Rights Directive II (SRD II) and rules governing the take-up of digital tools are three areas where regulators are pressing ahead with reforms, albeit at different paces and these should be seen as enablers of further innovation through digitalisation.

Our market advocacy team provides thought leadership insights on these regulations as well as how to adapt.

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CSDR: Settlement discipline regime client toolkit CSDR: Settlement discipline regime client toolkit

The Settlement Discipline Regime (SDR), a key element of the Central Securities Depositary Regulation (CSDR), comes into force on 14 September 2020. This effectively binds together trade and post-trade. With penalties for poor performance and discipline, all actors in an institution will need to understand their obligations and make the necessary operational changes

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SDR II affects us all SDR II affects us all

Adhering to the spirit of the directive and going beyond the minimum requirements will benefit all parties in the securities post-trade value chain, explain Deutsche Bank’s Steven Hondelink and Mike Collier

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