• SWIFT message gateway for Trade Finance

    TF Message Hub

The maintenance of multiple RMAs with numerous entities of a single Correspondent Bank becomes increasingly more complex from a regulatory and economic perspective. Therefore, Deutsche Bank is centralizing its inbound and outbound trade related SWIFT messages (MT4xx/MT7xx) in a single gateway

We are in the process of enabling our FI clients to reach all Deutsche Bank entities managing Trade Finance business via one single BIC and vice versa. The new central BIC is: DEUTDEFFHUB

We invite you to send your trade related SWIFT messages (MT4xx/MT7xx – except Reimbursement Authorizations / Claims) for the trade operative branches in Germany as well as several other Deutsche Bank (DB) entities (see Geographic Scope below) into the new central Deutsche Bank BIC DEUTDEFFHUB. SWIFT messages to Deutsche Bank locations other than the named countries in the Annex as well as Trade Reimbursement related messages should not change at this point in time. No new RMA set-up is required as long as you have an RMA with Deutsche Bank, Frankfurt (DEUTDEFF).

Geographic Scope

The following Deutsche Bank locations can be reached via DEUTDEFFHUB (as of December 2022):

Country: Deutsche Bank Entity: SWIFT BIC:
Austria Deutsche Bank AG Vienna Branch DEUTATWW
Belgium Deutsche Bank AG Brussels Branch DEUTBEBE
France Deutsche Bank AG Paris Branch DEUTFRPP
Germany All German Branches DEUTDE**
Hungary Deutsche Bank AG Budapest Branch DEUTHU2B
Netherlands Deutsche Bank AG Amsterdam Branch DEUTNL2A
Portugal Deutsche Bank AG Lisbon Branch DEUTPTPL
Switzerland Deutsche Bank Zurich Branch DEUTCHZZ
United Kingdom Deutsche Bank London Branch DEUTGB2L
Saudi Arabia Deutsche Bank AG Riyadh Branch DEUTSARI
UAE Deutsche Bank Abu Dhabi Branch DEUTAEAA
China Deutsche Bank China, all Branches DEUTCN**
Hong Kong Deutsche Bank AG, Hong Kong Branch DEUTHKHH
India Deutsche Bank AG, all Indian branches DEUTINBB
Indonesia Deutsche Bank AG, Jakarta Branch DEUTIDJA
Japan Deutsche Bank AG, Tokyo Branch DEUTJPJT
Korea Deutsche Bank AG, Seoul Branch DEUTKRSE
Pakistan Deutsche Bank AG, Karachi and Lahore Branch DEUTPK**
Philippines Deutsche Bank AG, Manila Branch DEUTPHMM
Singapore Deutsche Bank AG, Singapore Branch DEUTSGSG
Sri Lanka Deutsche Bank AG, Colombo Branch DEUTLKLX
Taiwan Deutsche Bank AG, Taipei Branch DEUTTWTP
Thailand Deutsche Bank AG, Bangkok Branch DEUTTHBK
Vietnam Deutsche Bank AG, Ho Chi Minh City Branch DEUTVNVX
USA Deutsche Bank AG, New York Branch DEUTUS33

The further roll-out to remaining DB subsidiaries will continue. The list of reachable Deutsche Bank locations will be updated on this website.

Key characteristics & benefits of our new SWIFT gateway

  • One single entry point and counterparty BIC for trade finance related SWIFT messages, reaching our entire global network (in the target stage)
  • Immediate reach and readiness for adhoc business requests
  • Easier and better governance, controls, oversight, and transparency
  • Reduction of RMA related due diligence costs
  • KYC adoption requirements still need to be taken into consideration, depending on your internal policies as well as the local requirements of the respective Deutsche Bank entity and jurisdiction

All Banks2All BIC versus All Banks2One BIC


The new availability of the single HUB gateway does not imply that Deutsche Bank will revoke existing RMAs with Deutsche Bank entities. These can be continued for existing and new business.

HUB does not make the set-up of additional RMAs necessary and allows for RMA consolidation.

SWIFT messages sent to Deutsche Bank

  • MT4xx/MT7xx – except Reimbursement Authorizations / Claims (MT740/742)
  • If no RMA is available for DB branch BIC, receiver BIC DEUTDEFFHUB should be selected
  • No new RMA set-up is required as long as an RMA with DB Frankfurt, DEUTDEFF, is set-up
  • SWIFT messages to DB locations other than for the enabled DB locations as well as Trade Reimbursement related messages should not change at this point in time

Format Requirements:

  • DEUTDEFFHUB is only to be used as a receiver BIC
  • Within the message content the local BICs of the individual DB locations need to be used
  • MT700: local DB BIC in tag 58a, 57a or 41a will ensure auto-routing
  • MT760: local DB BIC in tag 58a, 56a, 57a or 41a will ensure auto-routing

SWIFT messages sent by Deutsche Bank

  • If no RMA is available for DB branch BIC, the sender BIC is DEUTDEFFHUB
  • Tag 72: or equivalent will show a remark “Msg sent by order of DEUTXXXX”
  • MT700 will be sent as MT710 by DEUTDEFFHUB, showing issuing DB location in tag 52a

The new MT760 format

In their Standard MT Release 2021, SWIFT has significantly revised and upgraded the MT760 and MT767 message types. Whereas previously the MT760 contained only a few structured fields and mainly included one large free-format field, the new versions are much more detailed and structured. This now allows for faster processing and auto-routing via TF Message Hub.


For further guidance and questions, kindly contact your trusted local representative from our Deutsche Bank Institutional Cash & Trade (IC&T) Team.