Deutsche Bank is a committed provider of trustee, delegate trustee and administrative services in the Middle East. Through our client-centric approach, our specialist teams experienced in both conventional and Shariah-compliant transactions offer end-to-end support

Your trusted partner

We understand what is important to our clients and provide onshore support, extensive product knowledge and consistently high levels of client service. Our flexible and comprehensive suite of services includes a wide range of trust and agency services for debt financing and capital market transactions. With teams of professionals located in both London and Dubai, we have the knowledge, experience and capability to provide a high level of support to transactions in this region.

The Deutsche Bank advantage

Local presence: With a dedicated client service team in Dubai, and onshore capability throughout the UAE serviced by our Abu Dhabi entity, we leverage our strategic locations to offer in-depth product knowledge and use our extensive links with the international and domestic clearing systems.

Single point of contact: We assign staff to specific transactions in order to comprehensively administer and service the transaction throughout its life cycle. Our dedicated client service team is your first point of contact for all services and requests.


We combine traditional agency and delegate trustee services to administer a Sukuk programme or a standalone issuance. In addition, we offer specialised services for commodity Murabaha transactions and Islamic Finance facilities.

Our specialist services include:

  • Commodity Murabaha agency services, either as a standalone offering or as investment agent
  • Investment agent on Shariah-compliant facilities
  • Onshore security agency services through our Abu Dhabi office

Our service roles also include::

  • Account bank
  • Calculation agent
  • Custodian
  • Escrow agent
  • Facility agent
  • Listing agent
  • Loan administrator
  • Project agent
  • Registrar
  • Settlement agent
  • Tender/exchange/consent agent

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