• Real estate investment trust (REIT) administration

Deutsche Bank is a licenced provider of REIT trustee services that’s been bringing extensive experience, knowledge and awareness to the Asia Pacific market for over 15 years. The Bank acts as trustee for some of the leading REITs, providing oversight management and navigating a challenging and evolving regulatory framework

Your trusted partner

As property companies and sponsors seek to raise capital, many look to establish listed REITs as a way to monetise real estate assets globally. Listed REITs pay out at least 90% of their net income after tax by way of dividends to unitholders. Deutsche Bank plays an important role as an independent fiduciary acting in the best interest of unitholders in maintaining the legal integrity of the REIT by providing effective oversight of its management.

Your guide through complex regulations

Real estate portfolios can be diverse, and companies with established REITs come from a range of industries — from the more traditional sectors of retail shopping complexes, office buildings and hotels to the newer distribution centres, logistic warehouses and data centres.  

REIT managers are responsible for actively managing the REIT and its portfolio of assets, making investments and divestments to ensure the REIT reaches its full potential for return.     

Deutsche Bank’s role as REIT trustee is to hold the assets of the REIT in trust and to oversee the activities of the manager to ensure compliance with local regulatory requirements and the trust itself. 

The Deutsche Bank advantage

Trusted intermediary: Deutsche Bank’s longstanding and solid experience in different REIT markets and industries gives investors confidence that proper oversight is being conducted. Whether there is a new initial public offering listing, a new property acquisition or a new investment product, our knowledge of the regulatory parameters enables us to ensure the REIT is in compliance.

Professional and experienced team: We have a dedicated team of specialists to comprehensively administer REIT trustee services. Our team of legal and client service professionals has wide-ranging experience with bespoke issues such as hostile takeovers and other unique challenges.

Quality control: A “Big Four” global accounting firm has independently assessed and approved our robust practices and procedures. Our control measures and attention to detail create a safe and risk-averse operation, giving comfort to our companies, sponsors and unitholders.

Market recognition

The Asset awarded us the Best Corporate Trust Mandate in 2019 in recognition of our work on the latest Hong Kong REIT IPO by China Merchants Commercial REIT. As a testament to Deutsche Bank being an outstanding REIT trustee, we are the only service provider to have been mandated on all newly listed REITs in Hong Kong since 2007.

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