• Managed Account Platform


dbSelect is a market-leading unique solution to access alternative strategies in a cash-efficient and flexible way. The most common strategies are Managed Futures, global macro, FX, commodity and risk premia

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Value for institutional investors

  • Access to a breadth of strategies like Managed Futures, FX, systematic risk premia, overlay strategies
  • Security, transparency, governance. Deutsche Bank is responsible for all non-investment aspects, including delivery vehicle, corporate governance, operational control, regulatory and compliance. The Asset manager is responsible for trading the portfolio within the risk and operational framework of the platform
  • Payoff and investment vehicle flexibility like DB or 3rd party Certificates/Notes, OTC Derivatives, Capital Protected Notes, Option payoffs, Bespoke funds
  • Online portfolio management, risk and P&L reporting

Value for investment managers

  • Trade bespoke investment strategies, such as Managed Futures (e.g. CTA, Macro), Self-developed Risk Premia strategies, Overlay strategies (e.g. option overwriting, “smart” FX hedging)
  • Set-up a single trading account with Deutsche Bank offering operational setup and maintenance of the account. Get global reach to investors in their preferred investment format through Deutsche Bank
  • Platform has open architecture for execution. Execute trades with managers’ existing brokers with access to DB’s Prime Brokerage and Clearing
  • Online portfolio management and reporting for managers