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New regulations and technology are fostering changes in the custody arena, providing clients with more choice and flexibility. How can clients leverage data and the concept of “smarter custody” to optimise cash and securities assets?

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  • A shift in client priorities: This requires solutions that focus on post-trade goals driven mainly by regulation but also business goals. While asset protection remains a top priority, firms are also looking at how to better access and move assets to meet business needs. A balance must be struck between the safeguarding and the mobility of assets. This is leading to a move from the traditional “bundled” custody product towards an implementation of new “component-based” solutions.
  • Intelligently optimising assets in the new regulatory environment: Basel III requires an understanding of where credit is and if adequate provisions have been made should a credit line disappear. At the same time European Market Infrastructure Regulation requires collateral to be placed with central counterparties, across the globe, at specific times. Firms should consider both cash and securities as assets that can fulfil these obligations.
  • Empowering clients through data: Data is a significant factor in improving efficiency and process. Access to better quality data that is an integrated part of a custody solution can improve a firm’s data analysis and, therefore, overall efficiency.


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