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Digitalisation brings opportunities. At the same time, however, the threat of cyber attacks are widespread and can affect anyone

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Show content of Ransomware

Ransomware are malware programs used by hackers to block access or use of the data and the entire computer system. The aim is to encrypt the data and then extort money for unlocking the data.

Show content of Phishing

Phishing tries to get users to disclose confidential information such as user IDs and passwords using fake emails and/or manipulated web pages.

Show content of Man-in-the-Browser-Attacks

In the case of man-in-the-browser attacks, data is intercepted by attacking a secure connection between the user and an online application. A Trojan is, for example, anchored in the browser application and can intercept and manipulate information that has been entered.

Show content of Keylogger Robot

Keylogger robots are programs that register keyboard strokes in order to store user IDs and account information.

Show content of Vishing

Vishing gets so-called “war dialers” to dial thousands of numbers at a specific point in time. As soon as someone takes a call a recording is played stating that e.g. a credit card or a bank account is at risk and that personal information is required.

Show content of Social engineering

Social engineering refers to the art of manipulating people through conviction, seduction or influence in such a way that they reveal confidential information e.g. names, contact data, corporate names or company information.

Show content of Password hacking

Password hacking refers to the unauthorised and unwanted procurement of passwords for devices, applications and services – usually with criminal intent.

Show content of Invoice redirection fraud

Invoice redirection fraud is practiced by cyber criminals who have managed to access the correct payment information and account details of, for example, genuine suppliers or customers of a particular company, then try to change these details in order to divert significant sums of money to their own accounts.

Show content of Smishing

Smishing uses a technique to get people to reveal confidential information via SMS messages.

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