Real-time data and payments to solve real-world challenges

You are in good company: Deutsche Bank’s comprehensive suite of Corporate APIs powers treasury teams and digital services for clients around the world, from smaller companies to global players.
Real-time data and instant payments are no longer the future but they are the here — and they are here to stay.

For years, treasurers have envisioned real-time – the ability to instantly access bank data and execute payments — within their TMS or ERP system of choice. With Deutsche Bank Corporate APIs, this vision becomes a reality, enabling a broad range of use cases and bringing benefits across industries.

Connecting to our Deutsche Bank APIs is fast and easy: more than 5.000 developers already use our developer portal to get all the tools and documentation to integrate with our APIs very quickly. In addition, we offer pre-built API connectivity with leading TMS and ERP providers that reduce time-to-production from months to a few weeks. Ready to get started? Reach out to our dedicated Corporate API team: our experts will support you every step of the way. Get in touch
Kerstin Montiegel

Kerstin Montiegel, Head of Client Connectivity, Digital Client Access Channels Deutsche Bank

Use cases

Deutsche Bank has enabled API-driven use cases for some of the world’s leading corporations and fintechs. This includes B2B and B2C scenarios across industries such as telecommunications, sports and entertainment, consumer, automotive, insurance, and payments.

Do you want to learn more about use cases for your industry? Our Global Corporate API team will help you find out how you can benefit as well. Contact us

Liquidity Management

Live visibility of cash to enable real-time liquidity management

Cash Flow Forecasting

Up-to-the-minute data for more accurate and confident forecasts


Instant matching of transaction data

Payment Initiation

Real-time payouts and instant refunds

Payment Tracking

Payment status and transactions tracking: live notifications


Request to pay for account-to-account transfers and streamlined collections

Foreign Exchange

Foreign exchange: live streaming rates for 125+ payment currencies

Fraud Prevention

Auto-validation of IBANs and account holders

TMS/ERP Integration

Treasury management system (TMS) and ERP integrations

API Products

Deutsche Bank’s comprehensive suite of corporate APIs makes real-time treasury a reality, providing the full range of real-time data for cash management, instant payments, auto-reconciliation, forecasting and other daily functions

Show content of Real-Time Balances API

The Real-Time Balances API provides corporate customers an overview of their real-time account balances. Use this API to retrieve real time account balance information consisting of amount and currency to gain instant visibility of cash positions for faster, more precise decisions and forecasting. Users can update data (delivered in camt.052 format) in one click whenever they want, 24*7*365 days a year (including weekends and holidays). Please visit our Developer Portal or contact our Corporate API team for more information.

Show content of Real-Time Transaction Notifications API

Deutsche Bank’s Real-Time Transaction Notifications API service allows corporate clients to receive credit and debit information on transaction-level in real-time. Additionally, customers can choose to include updated real-time account balance information. The API eliminates the need to wait for periodical bank statements as it enables users to consume transaction data as it occurs. Using this API, Deutsche Bank corporate clients can develop just-in-time experience by securely releasing physical goods (e.g., cars) and digital services to their customers upon confirmed receipt of payment. Please visit our Developer Portal or contact our Corporate API team for more information.

Show content of Real-Time Account Pre-Validation API

The Account Pre-Validation API enables auto-validation of beneficiary account to prevent fraud and reduction of returned payments due to false details. Using this API, Deutsche Bank corporate clients can automatically check beneficiary IBAN and account holder name before initiating a payment, available 24*7*365 days a year (including weekends and holidays). To provide best-in class data quality and bank coverage (including accounts of third-party banks), this API services combines data from SWIFT gpi, Deutsche Bank’s internal database as the world’s largest Euro clearer, as well as additional data sources of local market aggregators and bi-lateral bank partnerships. Please visit our Developer Portal or contact our Corporate API team for more information.

Show content of Real-Time Payments API

Using Deutsche Bank’s Real-Time Payments API, corporate clients can now initiate instant payments to cater to multiple scenarios in their day-to-day business. The payments can be done instantly and round the clock offering a new line of business and improved customer experience with efficient business processes. This includes use cases such processing refunds, instant top-ups and payouts of digital wallets, real-time insurance redemptions, and more. Please visit our Developer Portal or contact our Corporate API team for more information.

Show content of Account Statements API

The Account Statements API enables Deutsche Bank corporate clients to consume intraday and end-of-day bank statements in camt.053 format. Using this API can help to eliminate the need to maintain or set up legacy bank connectivity channels, therefore reducing costs and improving efficiencies. The API provides data both in push- and pull logic, meaning that customers choose to receive updated bank statements either automatically or on-demand. Please contact our Corporate API team for more information.

Show content of FX4Cash API

FX4Cash API provides clients with an additional channel to access the capabilities of FX4Cash. With FX4Cash you can access live streaming rates for 125+ payment currencies at trade execution. For more information, please visit our Developer Portal or contact our Corporate API team .

Show content of Request to Pay API

Corporate customers can now offer Request to Pay as new payment method to their end customer. Request to Pay offers a number of advantages compared to credit cards, direct debits and other collection methods, such as real-time processing, finality of payment and lower cost. Deutsche Bank acts as a Payment Initiation Service Provider and helps end customers to create and authorise a direct bank transfer from their bank account to Deutsche Bank’s corporate customer. The payment can be a SEPA Instant Credit Transfer or a SEPA Credit Transfer. For more information, please visit our Developer Portal or contact our Corporate API team.

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We offer API connectivity and payments services to corporate clients in 34 countries worldwide. For local availability, please visit our Global Navigator App

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News & Insights

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Frequently Asked Questions

Show content of What is Corporate API connectivity?

API stands for Application Programming Interface. APIs allow you to integrate bank account information and payment initiation directly into business applications (e.g., TMS and ERP systems). Unlike legacy bank connectivity, data retrieval and payment initiation happen in real-time, therefore unlocking new use cases and value.

Show content of What are the benefits of Corporate APIs?

APIs enable corporate clients to receive account information and initiate payments in real-time, without manual intervention. Leveraging real-time data and payments, businesses can automate and accelerate processes, ease administrative burden of treasury and finance teams, save time and costs, and help product teams to deliver state-of-the-art customer experiences.

Show content of What is the difference between API and other types of bank connectivity like host-to-host (H2H)?

APIs provide an “always on” connection between business applications, and bank account information and payment services. They allow data to flow in real-time and on demand. In practice, this means that you can initiate and track payments in real-time, and to get instant notifications of new transactions. APIs are also key to workflow automation based on a continuous stream of real-time balances and transactions. By contrast, traditional connectivity like host-to-host (H2H) relies on batched processing, meaning that any data exchange runs on pre-determined time intervals. Against this background, data provided through H2H always has at least 15 to 30 minutes of lag time, whereas APIs provide up-to-the-minute data.

Show content of How long does it take to set up Corporate APIs?

Depending on the individual setup and requirements of your business, API connectivity can be established in short time. Using our pre-built integrations with selected TMS and ERP systems can further help you accelerate the setup process down to a few weeks.

Show content of How secure are Corporate APIs?

In order to ensure a safe, secure and stable environment, we use proven industry standards like REST, and state-of-the-art security mechanisms for our APIs. To prove API security, we perform API penetration tests on a regular basis.

The Corporate API gateway incorporates two security mechanisms:

  1. Mutually Authenticated TLS, known as 2-way TLS based on a client certificate
    Deutsche Bank Corporate Bank API endpoints are protected by mTLS (Mutually Authenticated TLS, also known as 2 way TLS). To access our APIs, you will need to make sure you have setup your transport certificate accordingly.
  2. Payload signing, known as Corporate Seal based on a client certificate
    Having this non-repudiation mechanism in place provides enhanced security to DB and clients by ensuring that all requests originated from the legitimate source and data was not modified during transit.

Show content of For which countries is Corporate API connectivity available?

Deutsche Bank offers Cash Management Services to corporate clients in 35 countries worldwide. To learn more about local API availability in specific countries, please visit the Deutsche Bank Global Navigator app and select “Real-Time API” from the “Service” tab.

Show content of How can I implement APIs and how much does it cost?

Deutsche Bank Corporate APIs are specifically designed to meet the professional needs and scale of fast growing digital businesses and multinational corporations. You can choose to either directly integrate with our APIs or to leverage our pre-built API integrations with TMS and ERP systems which eliminate implementation time and costs down to a minimum. Please contact your client advisor for pricing or send an email to

Show content of Who can I talk to if I have additional questions?

For more information on APIs and real-time treasury, please reach out to your client advisor or send an email to