As a leading specialist in escrow services, Deutsche Bank enables clients to mitigate risk to their business transactions by placing assets in the custody of the Bank as a neutral third party. With a dedicated, global team of escrow specialists, a worldwide network of offices, a track record of product innovation, and a focus on client satisfaction, we help clients efficiently close transactions

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With business transactions becoming ever more sophisticated and complex, many participants now require that funds, securities or other assets be held in escrow until the transaction is successfully completed, creating a greater demand for an experienced and efficient escrow provider.

Solutions to meet your escrow needs

Our escrow solutions accommodate a wide range of scenarios:

Show content of Holdbacks

Holding a portion of the purchase price in escrow until the terms of an agreement are satisfied: earn-outs, indemnity and post-closing adjustment

Show content of Good faith deposits

Safekeeping a portion of the transaction purchase price through the auction process

Show content of Cash confirmations

Assuring financial advisors that funds will be available and segregated throughout the duration of the offer (subject to regional regulations)

Show content of Closings

Consolidating acquisition proceeds from numerous funding sources to facilitate efficient distributions and transaction closing

Show content of Capital raisings

Holding the accumulated proceeds associated with acquisition financing or a pending IPO, private equity, hedge fund, consortium or SPAC transaction

Show content of Project finance

Releasing funds according to a schedule of pre-defined milestones

Show content of Bankruptcy

Holding various collateral types in restructuring, bankruptcy, default and other distressed situations 

Show content of Collateral

Segregating cash or securities as margin collateral: control accounts for margin loans, workers compensation, insurance trust, etc.

Show content of Litigation

Safekeeping assets in escrow pending appeal of a court judgment, bankruptcy or class action

Escrow Direct - Our Paying Agent Service

Our Escrow Direct portal provides buyers, selling shareholders and attorneys a digitised, centralised and simplified process that allows for the management of shareholder information, creation of Letters of Transmittal (LOT) and fast-tracked payments to shareholders. This digital channel replaces the paper-based process for LOT collection, mitigates execution risk and enables faster, seamless payments to shareholders.

Upload shareholder details
Escrow Direct enables you to upload a centralised register of shareholder information to view and confirm data. Our teams validate contents of completed Letters of Transmittal against this register for accurate payment transmission.

Create digital LOTs and execute documentation electronically
Our online digital templates enable clients to create LOTs and incorporate customised terms and conditions in a few simple steps. Escrow Direct then embeds shareholder information and tax documents for frictionless email transmission to shareholders, who can securely populate, review and submit tax information, and execute the documentation electronically.

Track LOTs online
Track the status of LOTs sent and signed to shareholders in real time on a dashboard with individual shareholder details and aggregated status charts and graphs.

View payment transmission status
The Escrow Direct payment dashboard tracks the status of shareholder payments with payment initiation, distribution amount and confirmation details.

The Deutsche Bank advantage

Commitment. We have a dedicated and growing team of professionals with deep expertise focused exclusively on escrow solutions.

Agility. Our standard escrow agreements and transparent “know your client” checks enable us to set up escrows quickly.

Reach. We combine a global network with local expertise to offer escrow accounts in multiple jurisdictions in over 50 currencies.

A one-stop shop. By integrating Deutsche Bank’s global capabilities, including foreign exchange, cash management, custody, payment and reporting, we provide clients with complete solutions.

A wide range of investment options. Clients have access to a full range of investment options, including customised investment solutions, interest and non-interest bearing accounts, multicurrency deposits, money market funds, offshore funds, and short- and long-term securities.

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