Our product offering

  • Loans

    • Deutsche Bank offers a broad range of loan products covering e.g. bilateral credit, syndicated loans, and promotional lending
    • Loans can be structured with a clearly defined use of proceeds, or they can be for general corporate financing purposes (so called 'Revolving Credit Facilities')
    • With regards to our sustainable product offering the Loan Markets Associations (LMA) acts as a rule maker within the respective markets by establishing some commonly accepted frameworks like the LMA Green Loan Principles or the LMA Sustainability Linked Loan
  • Bonds

    • Our debt syndicate experts manage new issuance in investment grade debt, high yield, loan capital markets and private placements for corporate, financial institutions, sovereign, supranational, agency and emerging market issuers
    • Deutsche Bank has built a world-class leveraged franchise business that combines a premier high yield bond market business with diverse debt financing capabilities
    • Similar to the loan market there are some internationally recognized standards when it comes to Green or Sustainability-Linked Bonds, such as the International Capital Markets Association Green and Social Bond Principles and the Sustainability Linked Bond Principles

How to link your sustainability effort with our products

  • Ring-fenced sustainable transactions

    • Proceeds from the transaction are dedicated to a specific purpose, which clearly meets sustainability criteria as per internationally recognized taxonomies
    • Relevant examples of taxonomies are the EU Taxonomy for Sustainable Activities, the Green & Social Bond Principles by the ICMA as well as the Green & Social Loan Standards by the LMA, all of which are considered and combined in Deutsche Bank’s public Sustainable Finance Framework
    • A range of structures can be applied to ensure a robust monitoring of eligibility against Deutsche Bank’s Sustainable Finance Framework, hereby flexibly leveraging existing data sources
  • Inclusion of an ESG-linked incentive to the financing structure

    • The client is incentivised towards sustainable behaviour, e.g. via paying a favourable price upon strong sustainable performance or paying an extra penalty in case sustainability targets are not met
    • The charged margin becomes variable by inclusion of a covenant in the legal facility documentation. The actual pricing is determined by a defined and measurable sustainability Key Performance Indicator, e.g. CO2 emissions published in annual report or sustainability rating by a specialist agency
    • Due to this simple mechanism, the methodology can be applied to a broad range of our product offering

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