• Payments and liquidity

  • Our product offering

    Our global cash management services, underpinned by advanced technology and the expertise of our teams, allow corporates to generate synergies through centralisation and automation. As well as increasing control, this brings cost-benefits across borders, currencies and payment types.

    • Instant payments: Using instant payments, the recipients of your payments will have the funds available within seconds and you can obtain an immediate confirmation on payment executions. Currently we support Instant Payments in nine locations around the world and are continuously extending our footprint and capabilities
    • Bulk payments: Our bulk payments services include domestic bulk payments and domestic direct debits, SEPA payments and SEPA direct debits
    • Cheques: We provide efficient and secure services for payment transfers „on paper“ via lockboxes in Europe, the US and Asia
    • Cross currency transactions: The FX4Cash product suite is built upon a flexible and resilient platform designed to provide clients with a one stop solution for worldwide cross-border currency payments
    • Cross-border payments: This streamlined solution helps clients make low-value Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments in 120+ currencies around the globe to their vendors or suppliers using our cost-efficient ACH network without the need to maintain accounts in each country
    • Single payments and receipts: Our single payments services include domestic urgent payments, cross-border payments and multi currency payments
    • Liquidity management services: Our liquidity management solutions provide real time information and transparency into your company’s cash positions; which allows you to monitor your balance positions and invest strategically across a wider set of investment options at various times during the business day to better realise your capital earnings around the world
  • How to link you sustainability effort with our products

    Deutsche Bank offers Digital Payments & Collections services. Combining new technology with longstanding experience in the payments sector, we have developed tailor-made innovative payment services for rural areas. These contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN. For instance, we enable indigenous people, SMBs and local farmers to receive payments almost instantly and reliably, which is a key component for regions to develop.

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