• Issuer and investor services

Our product offering

  • Corporate Trust

    We provide trustee and agency services to the capital markets, with a focus on conventional and structured debt, project finance and specialised services, such as business escrows and document custody. Our offering also includes exchange and restructuring services, syndicated loan agency and Post-IPO services.

    Project finance

    We provide administrative services to project, acquisition, corporate and other financing across the infrastructure and energy markets. As a trustee and/or agent, we monitor the terms of financing agreements, hold and safe-keep collateral for the benefit of secured creditors, monitor transaction reporting and covenant compliance requirements, communicate with investors, maintain project accounts and administer cash flows.

    Extensive experience servicing Sustainable Finance transactions

    • Specialised teams servicing over 115 Sustainable Finance project finance transactions representing over $18.5 billion in financing
    • Global expertise with sustainable finance projects in over fifteen countries and five continents
    • Key roles include account bank, administrative agent, collateral agent, Export Credit Agency (ECA) facility agent, intercreditor agent, paying agent and trustee
    • Long-term administrative support provided to asset owners, developers and investors for financing the construction and/or operation of renewable/clean energy projects
    • Customised tracking of ESG specific deliverables, such as Environmental and Social Action Plan (ESAP) reporting, Greenhouse gas (GHG) output levels and sustainable closure plans

    Term Debt Administration

    We support issuers of capital markets instruments across a range of structures and client segments. Key functions include making interest and principal repayments, calculating interest rate-resets, managing corporate actions and protecting investor rights.

    ESG reporting services

    In addition to acting as a trustee, we also provide reporting services for green and sustainable project bonds where 100% of the proceeds are generated from clean energy, meeting sustainability criteria as per internationally recognised taxonomy.

  • Depository Receipts

    Our depositary receipt (DR) services provides a way for companies to broaden their profiles by creating cross-border capital raising and non-capital raising equity structures. This can take the form of listing American Depositary Receipts (ADRs) or New York Registered Shares (NYRS) on a US exchange, via a quotation on the US Over-The-Counter (OTC) market or by listing Global Depositary Receipts (GDRs) on a European exchange. Using these structures, many of the obstacles faced by international investors are removed allowing for greater portfolio diversification.

    Our services include:

    • Delivering seamless execution of AGM voting, dividends, complex corporate actions and cross-border conversions, including support from our in-house team of capital markets lawyers and experienced corporate actions specialists
    • Dedicated Investor Relations Advisory team delivers innovative ideas and digital solutions to aid investor relations efforts around investor identification, targeting and engagement, such as Deutsche Bank Virtual Investor Conference (dbVIC) - a low-touch way of reaching U.S investors
    • Exemplary client management from a global team, ensuring highly responsive day-to-day account management for all sponsored DR clients
    • Close interaction with all major brokers and market participants involved in cross-border DR trading via our DR Markets Distribution desks in London and New York
    • Multiple initiatives designed to enhance the visibility and profile of companies in international markets, including the launch of ground-breaking new DR structures such as TraCRs

    Supporting corporate clients with value-added services

    • Access to webinars, white papers and panel discussions
    • Connecting issuers with ESG specialists
    • Best practice investor relations
    • Educational events in partnership with investor relations associations
    • Buy-side market intelligence

    For more information, visit www.adr.db.com

  • Custody and Clearing

    We offer comprehensive clearing and collateral services across multiple markets, whilst ensuring continued regulatory compliance and reducing capital and financing costs. Our custody clients’ benefit from asset protection, a single point of contact and consolidated post trade services with local expertise, expertise, on the ground in over 30 markets.
    ESG-linked collateral basket
    According to our clients ESG preferences and criteria, we offer to lend their portfolio to an eligible counterparty from Deutsche Bank counterparty list and arrange an ESG compliant collateral basket

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