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Moving goods and services across borders and within supply chains is highly complex and exposes counterparties to a wide range of risks – most particularly non-payment. Trade finance delivers fast, efficient, reliable and comprehensive solutions for every stage of a client's trade value chain to support their foreign and domestic trade activities

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Managing trade risks

When carrying out cross-border business, importers and exporters are exposed to specific risks, such as exchange and currency risks, non-payment, damage to goods in transit and fraud, etc. Let our experts advise you on the best way of mitigating this

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First assess your risk using the Figure 1 below as a guide. What jurisdiction and regulatory regime are you working in? Could there be a foreign exchange risk?  Is there any political risk?

Figure 1: Trade risks to consider


Then take a look at your own risk appetite when it comes to your transaction. Open account – with no form of trade finance is risky for the seller and has a very low risk to the buyer (apart from supply security). But payment in advance is of significant risk to the buyer and a low risk to the seller. Can trade finance help manage this?

What challenges in trade are you facing?

From arranging a letter of credit to unlocking export credit agency support we can help. Please select one or more options below by clicking in the boxes

Letters of credit, documentary collections and guarantees

Securing supply chains and paying suppliers

Accessing export credit agency support

Financing commodities and natural resources

Business loans

Financing sustainability

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Global solutions for your specific needs

Our range of solutions seamlessly covers classic trade flow products and services such as letters of credit and guarantees; all aspects of export finance, commodities finance, as well as securing supply chains with intuitive supply chain finance solutions. Our team advise on counterparty and country risk, local regulatory regimes and work with other financial institutions to share trade finance risk when required

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